10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Winter Wedding

Every girl in the western hemisphere of the globe wants to be a June bride and for all the right reasons. But if your wedding bells are ringing in winters, then you need not fret! The silent and serene winter nights present the perfect opportunity for an indoor wedding reception where you can make it memorable for yourself as well as for your guests. Winder weddings give you an opportunity to play with colours and pick any wild theme that you desire because the dull winter days and nights are susceptible to accentuate all colours.

winter wedding

winter wedding

Be it a summer or winter wedding, its main elements remain the same. Winters, however, offer you more room to give a personal touch to the ceremony. Following are ten fun ways to jazz up your winter wedding.

1 – For winter wedding reception, an indoor setting may appear the only option. But even for the indoor weddings, you can choose from countless themes. You can host your wedding at a trendy restaurant. Use contrasting colours as they will draw more attention. For those who find restaurants a little too unconventional, a church hall, or a wedding hall can work just as well.

2 – For the menu, you can choose to be as lavish as you like. Spicy BBQ, grilled food, baked items and deserts and a wide variety of other foods is that you can choose between. Beef, lamb, chicken, ham, and fish, all forms of meat cooked to perfection will make your wedding feast memorable. Try it with gravy and stew along with baked potatoes and noodles.

3 – For a winter wedding, you have a wide variety of drinks to choose from. Use real fiery drinks to warm up the night. From milk shakes to martini and from brandy to hot chocolate, all the options are at your disposal.

4 – The indoor functions are a blessing for those who wish to watch over each and every work to make sure it’s done well. Chandeliers, sconces, net curtains, decorative lights, candles, table covers, napkins, carpet, and cutlery can all speak for your taste so make the most of this opportunity.

5 – Since contrasting shades standout in a winter wedding, flowers too can be picked in various colours. Tulips, roses, freesia, lilac, aster, calla lilies, orchids, daisies, stephanotis, Amazon lilies, African tulip, angel wing begonia, caladium, and bleeding heartwine are some of the flowers, which are a must for making your winter wedding standout among the rest.

6 – Be more elegant with your wedding gown for a winter wedding. Instead of showing flesh, you can focus on accentuating your body curves. The variety in winter fabric is quite wide. You can use fur on the cape of your gown’s train.

7 – Be it gold, silver or diamond, winter presents the perfect chance to show off your jewellery. Big earrings, heavy bracelets, showy necklaces and many of those good old rings, it is time to put them all on. For bride, heavy jewellery is a big NO-NO. Brides should always remember that no mater how tiny their necklace or earrings are, they will be remembered for years to come.

8 – Classical instruments like violin, saxophone etc has a soothing and calming affect on people and they discard the very idea of having some wild fun. Country, rock, instrumental, and contemporary music are more for of a summer wedding thing. Make a play list of the songs, which suit you and your mate the best and at the same time maintain the formal yet warm air of your memorable winter wedding.

9 – Winter season is followed by winter vacation so getting married during winters means EVERYONE can attend your wedding. Make the most out of this opportunity and do not miss out anyone. Let your distant relatives celebrate your big day and just how exactly you made your special day extra special despite the bone chilling cold. Remember, the more the merrier.

10 – For a warmer honeymoon in winters, the entire world is open to you. Choose any tropical destination and have an old-fashioned honeymoon in luxurious suites. Tropical countries are a popular destination for newly wed love birds who flock to warmer climates to enjoy a blissful time with their mates.

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