4 Beauty Predicaments that Need Solutions

We are commonly exposed to an increased amount of pollution. This is the reason why bodily effects are augmented. It has been once said that two is better than one and this seems not to be the case when it comes to problem areas in the body. Moreover, the premise seems to be evident in beauty problems especially in the skin. This article aims to become an informative tool in discussing the most common aesthetic skin problems and their corresponding treatments.



1. Wrinkles and Acnes

The presence of both may be attributed to the discrepancy in female and male hormones in the body. In order to fix both predicaments, there is a need to find a product that contains Alpha and Beta hydroxyacids. The Alphas lessen the existence of wrinkles by removing dead skin cells and increasing the production of collagen. On the other hand, Betas unblock pores and stop sebum production. Both ingredients can be found in Skin Ceuticals Blemish + Age Defense ($ 82) and its effectiveness can be seen if 4 to 5 drops are applied nightly after rinsing the skin.

Dermatologists address the predicaments through salicylic peels needed once a month and cost approximately $275. Another option is Cool Breeze Laser that even lines through the stimulation of collagen production and the promotion of pimple absence by heating the oil glands. The laser procedure is to be performed at a minimum of three times per annum which costs approximately $350 per procedure. If you like you can also try a less expensive option i.e. lifecell for a wrinkle free skin.

2. Wrinkles and Sagging

Both issues can be attributed to the loss of collagen in the body as it is common as we age and is aggravated by increased sun exposure. In order to target both, there is a need for the combine utilization of retinol serum and plumping lotion. The former soften lines and firm skin and is found in Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum ($20). On the other hand, the latter stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid which hydrates skin and increases face content which can be found in GoodSkin Labs Filextra Facial Revolumizing Treatment with Collagen ($44.50 at kohls.com). Use the plumping product on the face daily before application of makeup and apply retinol at night.

Dermatologists approach for the combination through ultratherapy. The procedure is known to remove wrinkles and plump up the face as it increases the level of collagen in the body. The procedure costs $1,500 and up per session and the results last for the next two years.

3. Wrinkles and Rosacea

There is a need to utilize peptide cream and prescription anti-inflammatory gel for the said combination. In women with rosacea, it is important to note that they have sensitive skin and there is a need to use a non retinol substance to address the wrinkles such as that of Clinique Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream ($59.50, Clinique.com). It is important to note that Prescription Metrogel 1% is the first line of treatment for rosacea. Apply the prescription gel once a day over the inflamed area and apply the anti wrinkle cream before bed. If Metrogel is applied at night, apply it prior to the cream.

Vbeam laser is used by dermatologists because it targets dilated blood vessels which cause flushing. At the same time, the procedure is known to augment collagen production and lessen appearance of wrinkles. The procedure may be needed yearly or biyearly and it may cost $500-$800 per session.

4. Wrinkles and Dark Spots

The combination is addressed with the use of retinalhyde cream and brightening lotion. The former converts to retinoic acid at a deeper skin level and is abundant in Eau Thermale Avene Eluage Cream ($42, drugstore.com). On the other hand, the latter needs to be hydroquinone-free such as that of Elure Advanced Lightening Lotion ($150, lovelyskin.com) which contains mushroom enzyme that disintegrates melanin found on the skin’s surface. For optimum results, apply a little amount of the brightening lotion on the face twice a day. The second time should be at night followed by a small amount of retinalhyde cream.

Dermatologic approach focuses on the utilization of The Clear + Brilliant Permea Laser. It works by creating small wounds across the surface of the skin which stimulates collagen production to remove old pigmented cells. The procedure entails a downtime of hours and not days unlike its former approaches. Please note that at least three treatments are needed and may cost approximately $500 per procedure.

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