4 Excellent Ways to Save Big Money on Your Wedding

Want to have the wedding of your dream without going broke planning it? There are little tips and tricks you can use to cut the cost of your nuptials without cutting the quality. Here are just four:

saving money

saving money

1. Ditch the Designer Duds and Go Bargain Shopping

Bridal shops and boutiques are expensive! You can find a gown and bridesmaids outfits that are just as beautiful at outlets, department stores, and what some places have become known as bridal “factories.” A lot of the time, you’ll notice that the dresses are the same as the ones you’d drop thousands of dollars on; the only difference is the label! For a gown you’ll only wear once, it’s worth cutting back—and you’ll STILL look absolutely breathtaking.

Tell your partner to shop smart as well; and don’t forget to have the same mindset when it comes to shoes, purses, and accessories.

2. Set a Limit on Your Guest List

It’s natural to want everyone to be there to see your special day; but that’s going to cost you! Close friends and family are going to be invited—that’s a given. As for your uncle’s cousin’s dentist’s dog walker’s window washer’s wife’s neighbor who babysits the kid next door? She can sit this one out.

Also place an estimate on how much you are willing to spend per person. Take into account things like food, drinks, the cost of designing and printing invitations, and table and chair space. The more people you invite, the high the price tag is going to be.

3. Sometimes it’s Acceptable to Pass on the Professionals

There are services that can mean thousands of dollars extra if you choose to go with a professional service, like wedding photographers and videographers. The whole point of having these people there is to capture the moment, right?

One thing that has become very popular is supplying disposable cameras for every table for people to take pictures during the event. They leave behind the cameras and you have your photos! Some people don’t like this option, however. Another idea is to go to a local high school or college/university, find a photography student, and have them do it. They’ll be eager to do it for free, for a very reasonable price, or possibly even for school credit!

4. Look for the Packaged Deals

Here’s one final pointer: Instead of looking to order and purchase things individually, see what kind of packaged deals you can get. Oftentimes, venues can offer a pretty good price on the ceremony and reception and everything they entail—food, drinks, music, and other accommodations. Compare their price to the other numbers you’ve gathered to see where you can find the better deal.

By cutting back on costs with these suggestions, you not only save yourself a ton of cash, but you also give yourself the option of spending a little more on the things that matter most to you, if you so choose. Don’t go into debt to have the perfect wedding. You can do it on a budget and still make it a beautiful day that you’ll never forget.

Tami Therone writes for wedding blogs where you can read more about getting married in the Seychelles and finding an escape to paradise.

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