5 Important Tips for Skin Care During Pregnancy

pregnancy skin care

When a woman is pregnant it’s important that she take care of her body. This will ensure the baby gets the proper nutrients and has what it needs to fully develop. In addition to caring for the inside of the body, the outside needs to be cared for as well. The skin changed a lot during pregnancy, which is why there are some tips that all expecting mothers should know. These tips include:

1. Wear Lotion

Moisturization is extremely important for the skin, especially while pregnant. Not using any lotion at all will result in skin that is dry, flaky and scaly. You can easily avoid this and have skin that looks beautiful if you use lotion on a daily basis. There are a lot of different types of lotions available, so pick one you enjoy.

It’s important to note that you might want to try an all-natural lotion. These are made with fewer chemicals, which means fewer chemicals will be on your skin and in your body. These might be more expensive, but the extra cost is well worth it. Normally putting lotion on in the morning and at night will result in supple, soft and glowing skin. Cocoa butter is a type of lotion that combats stretch marks, so you might want to try using that throughout the pregnancy as well.

2. Wash Your Face

Hormones run crazy when women are pregnant, which can easily result in acne. Although sometimes you can’t avoid this, that isn’t always the case. Washing oils off of your face in the morning and before bed can help fight acne. Just like with lotion, make sure you read the packaging for the product you choose. You need a product that is natural and will work with the skin type you have.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important to use while you aren’t pregnant, but even more so when you are. If you don’t wear this you will increase your risk of developing skin cancer. In addition to this, you will also risk your skin developing blotches. This is due to the rising hormone levels reacting with the UV rays of the sun. Use a sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 when you’re outside.

4. Walk

A lot of women develop varicose veins while they are pregnant, which can cause them to become self-conscious. You can increase your odds of preventing these by walking daily and exercising with cardio. These will help you avoid weight gain and keep your legs always moving. It’s also important that you avoid standing for long periods of time. Being on your feet will increase pressure and can cause a lot of veins to develop. Also try and sit with your legs flat on the ground instead of crossing them.

5. Take a Bath

If you experience itchy skin while you’re pregnant, it can be extremely bothersome. Taking a bath will not only help you relax, it can relieve the itching. Add in a little bit of bicarbonate soda to the bath and soak in it. This is good for your skin and won’t cause harm to the baby.

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