5 Interesting Facts About Dolls

Dolls have been a central part of children’s toy collections for many years. The doll industry is really huge and there are all kinds of different doll models out there. Dolls these days also come with plenty of accessories and have even gotten their own TV-shows. If you want to know a little bit more about dolls then here are five interesting facts about them.


1. Long History

Dolls have a really long history. The earliest Japanese dolls dates all the way back to 2000BC, for instance. This means that humans have long been making dolls as decorative piece and personal entertainment.

Even the first articulated dolls have been found from as early on as the 200BC. There is also plenty of evidence to suggest that little children who have died young have been buried together with doll like figures since ancient times.

2. Something For The Boys

Boys also got their hands in on the fun in the 1960s. The doll for boys was a G.I Joe action figure and it got its inspiration from the Barbie dolls, which were aimed at girls. The creator of this action figure Stan Weston wanted to achieve the same popularity with the toy as Barbie had previously. The doll was called action figure instead of a doll in order to appeal for young boys more.

Neatorama website has some interesting facts about the G.I Joe action figure and it is worth reading the article. Action figures are now really popular among boys and there are plenty of these dolls available.

3. Repair Hospitals

Something that tells how much we care about our dolls is the fact that there are doll hospitals for damaged dolls. You can use them to get your dolls repaired back to pristine condition. The oldest of these hospitals is found in Lisbon, Portugal. It has been repairing dolls ever since 1830.

4. Worthy Investment

Dolls aren’t only for playtime these days either. There are many collectable dolls out there that can provide you a good rate of return for the investment as well. Plenty of unique doll makers are creating a lot of good-looking dolls that you can start collecting. In a few years time these could be valued higher.

The most expensive doll on the market is the L’Oiseleur, which is also known as the Bird Trainer. It is worth $6.25 billion.

5. The Famous One

Barbie dolls are probably the most famous dolls of all time. The first Barbie doll was sold in 1959 and it was sold for just $4. It is also estimated that one Barbie is sold somewhere in the world every three seconds.

There have been plenty of Barbie-related controversies as well. For example, Mattel, which is the creator of Barbie dolls, sued the Danish pop group Aqua for their song called Barbie Girl. They didn’t win the case.

The above five facts are something fun to know about dolls. Dolls are great toys but they are also really nice to keep around to house as a decoration. With the long history it is very likely that dolls are going to stay around for a long time.

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