5 Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly

With more and more people becoming ecologically savvy, the choices one makes regarding lifestyle choices are becoming more and more important.  If you see ecologically sound choices as being an important part of your lifestyle, why not make eco-friendly choices a part of your wedding plans?

eco wedding

eco wedding

Eco-savvy couples can even use their wedding as a platform for educating their friends and family in ecologically sound topics and choices, especially when it comes to transportation, paper usage, sustainable fabrics and organic foods.  While it may be considered in slightly bad taste to mention these subjects overtly at your wedding, you can still be prepared (and have your catering staff and wedding party) ready to answer questions regarding any of your choices if the subject should come up and help to spread awareness of the topic.  Even if the topic never comes up, you can rest assured that you have done what you could to make the world a better place.

Paperless Invitations

If you are having a large wedding, one way that you can definitely make an ecological statement is to send out paperless invitations.  Instead of traditional invitations sent through the mail, consider special messages sent via the internet such as electronic e-invites sent by email or specially prepared video invitations that can be tailored to your individual personality and interests.

Accessible Locations

While having one’s wedding or honeymoon in exotic locations may be rapturously romantic, consider just how much fuel is going into moving yourselves, your wedding party and your guests to and from that location.  From selecting a local wedding venue to choosing a honeymoon that does not entail the use of jet fuel, you can make some of your first choices as a couple ones that will have a positive impact on the planet and, hopefully, on your future together.

Sustainable Fabrics

No matter if it is for your wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, seat covers and linens for the reception or the gift bags you give out to your wedding party, you can make a conscious choice to shop with retailers who use sustainable fabrics in the creation of their materials and thus minimize your wedding’s carbon footprint.

Organic Catering

If eating organic is important to your lifestyle choices, why not carry that over to your wedding meal?  Choose a caterer who uses (or who will agree to use) only organic and/or locally grown products in creating your wedding meal.  If you choose, you can spread consciousness about organic foods by including a small placard at each guest’s place telling about your choice of organic foods and why you find it important.

Green Transportation Choices

From the wedding limo to your choice in transportation in getting to your honeymoon, the choices we make when it comes to transportation can go a long ways towards supporting our beliefs about sustainable living.  If you can arrange for hybrid cars (or limos) to be used instead of traditional transportation, or at least to arrange car pools for your guests to and from the ceremony and/or reception you can spread your conscious choices regarding transportation and its impact on the planet.

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