5 Tips When Staging Your Home for Open House

When preparing a home and getting ready to sell it, some people opt to hold an open house. With these events, a seller can attract interest fast.

open house

open house

However, it is important to stage the living areas properly and take the time to organize the entire property. With these five tips, a homeowner can easily clear out his or her rooms and get ready for the open house.

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When looking to stage a home, a person should have a quick garage sale to get rid of any old junk. With a well-advertised and ran garage sale, a seller can make some serious money. More importantly, after having a sale, the garage and other areas will not overflow with stuff.


If a person has a basement or attic, this is where they need to store excess junk. Since most people will only briefly glance at these areas, a person can, with ease, hide stuff away in the corners. Of course, when packing stuff in the attic or basement, it is still necessary that the homeowner takes time and organizes the piles of junk; otherwise, it will just turn into another mess.


Nicely organized closets, even full of stuff, will impress a potential buyer as most people love to use them to store household items. For this reason, one should not keep their closets empty; however, it is ideal for a person to organize them well.

Remember, not only will people scout out the living room closets, they will inspect them in every room as most kids and parents alike love to put their clothes and other stuff in a closet.


When a person has a yard, they should take a few minutes to clean it and put everything in the outdoor shed, if possible. When a real estate agent can convince his or her client to put the shovels and other items in the shed, the yard will look nice and roomier.

With these five easy to follow tips, a home seller can stage his or her property and get the most out of the open house event.

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