5 Top Tips for Being a Great Maid of Honour

Weddings are always exciting occasions, especially so if you are the one getting married or you have a prominent role to play in the festivities. One such important role is definitely the maid of honour. While much of the pre-wedding attention might go to the best man, doing the female equivalent of the role is no easy feat, even if there are no worries when it comes to creating a speech or making sure the wedding rings get to the venue on time.

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Here are five great tips that will help you be the best possible maid of honour.

Be Prepared for Everything

We’re talking about on the morning of the wedding here. While there are many things that could go wrong, your biggest potential obstacle is likely to be the weather. You can picture the scene now; the bride has been awake since 5am getting her hair styled and her makeup applied to perfection, when, horror of horrors, it starts to rain two minutes before you leave the house. Even the short dash from the front door to the car has the potential to wash away all the hard work that has gone on so far.

You need to be prepared. That means umbrellas – yes, plural, to protect all angles – available, something to wrap the bride in so she doesn’t get her dress wet; ponchos are great but only if you can put it on without ruining the hair, otherwise stick to a long coat, and a touch up brush to correct any makeup on the way to the venue.

We accept that you cannot prepare for everything in terms of car breakdowns, so you don’t need to carry a bag of tools or anything. Just ensure you can get the bride to the wedding venue as she should.


Naturally, if you are at a wedding, you are going to talk to everyone there. As maid of honour, you need to focus on the friends and distant family members that will be vying for the bride’s attention and want 15 minutes of her time. Okay, so the conversations might be a little boring, but your duty is to ensure the bride can spend time with her new husband and those closest to her, and keep the guests who want to be speaking to her entertained as much as possible. Do this, and anything else you do will be an added bonus.

Control the DJ

This applies to whatever entertainment is arranged, and applies both when booking the entertainment as well as on the wedding day. No one wants to spend their wedding reception telling a DJ the songs they should be playing, or organising dancers. Whether you agree with the entertainment choices or not, this responsibility falls on you. We’ll give you a pass for anything big like a fireworks display, though!

Feed the Bride

The level of nervous energy burned by the bride will be staggering; you need to make sure she eats breakfast and has a snack before heading to get married. Imagine the furore if she collapses at the altar through exhaustion!

Spend Time With The Children

Although children are playing a greater role in weddings, they can still feel like they are on the periphery of things. Spend time with them during the day, whether this means dancing with them in the evening or simply sitting at their table, to make them feel like they are part of the occasion and aren’t just holding flowers or wearing a suit for the sake of it.

Being a great maid of honour can be stressful, but it is ultimately rewarding, and you should remember how much you needed one, or might need one, at your wedding!


Author Bio: Jessica has been the maid of honour for many of her friends weddings, and has gotten involved in everything from finding cheap fireworks to booking the venue and even choosing the reception menus.

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