5 Ways to Steal Someone Password and Break The Accounts

What would you do if you had access to someone’s private passwords? Do you have any idea how much damage you could cause? You could log into their Twitter account and start abusing their followers and nobody would know it was you.

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If you wanted a little extra cash you could log into their PayPal account and transfer money over to your account. You could basically do anything you wanted and your victim would be in a mess. Does it sound good?

I hope you know I’m joking, but I just want to make sure you know how dangerous it is when other people have your passwords. Think about how much damage you could cause because someone could cause the exact same damage to you.

Get creative and list the top 10 ways you could ruin someone’s life because maybe it will be your life that is going to get ruined. I can even tell you how you would get access to their passwords in the first place.

Time to go fishing (or phishing)

You will need to be an average designer in order to pull this one off. The trick is to register a domain name that looks the same as one a respectable company uses. In this example, you’re going to register www dot paypall dot com. Do you see the extra ‘l’ at the end of PayPal?

Now you need to design a page that looks the exact same as the official PayPal homepage. Send it to your unsuspecting victim and when they try to log in you will find out their username and password.

Learn to read their fingers

There are so many people using public computers to log into their online accounts. Unless they are very fast at typing you will be able to read their fingers as they type. You just need to get close to them in order to see what they are doing.

The best way to do this is to sit somewhere close and walk over to them as they land on a website like Facebook or Twitter. As soon as you know what their password is you need to move away fast and they won’t suspect anything.

Remotely install keylogging software

This one is going to take a little work because you need to send out an email that contains a virus. This virus will install software on the machine of any victims who open the email attachment and you will be able to read their keystrokes.

Once it’s installed you just need to wait until they log into some sites and you will find out their passwords. Remember to send the email to lots of people because a lot of them will not open it.

Steal their cookies

In order to use this technique you need to be somewhere public like a coffee shop, but the place you are at doesn’t actually need to sell cookies. You’re using the ones on someone’s computer and not the kind with chocolate chips in them.

If someone is using a certain website you can hijack their computer through the public Wi-Fi network and you will be able to gain access to their private account. Try to do your damage quickly because you will get thrown out when they log off.

Have a good guess

If you know a lot of people that you don’t like you can break into their accounts. Try to choose someone who might set easy passwords. Hopefully, you know a lot of people who don’t know much about computers. Go through a list of ideas that might include their child’s DOB and their wedding date.

If you keep guessing you might get lucky and if you run out of ideas you can move onto the next person. That will teach them not to use easy-to-break passwords in the future.

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