Adult Acne: Causes and Solutions for Treatment

Acne is not only a problem for teenagers. Many people think that teens outgrow their acne. However, the reality of the situation is that adults get acne, too. In fact, many adults suffer from acne and need to find solutions for their skin.

adult acne

adult acne


Acne causes several issues. First, acne makes the face look bad. It can also cause inflammation, redness, and facial pain around the affected areas. Acne takes a toll on a person’s emotional wellbeing. Acne sufferers sometimes lose their self confidence and feel badly about themselves because of the way their faces look. Acne sufferers sometimes want to hide their faces from the world and are not as active and outgoing as they really want to be in life.


There are some possible causes of acne, but every person is different. This means that every person’s skin reacts differently, too. One common cause of adult acne has to do with hormones in the body, which affects oil glands in the skin. In fact, fluctuations in hormone levels in women can cause adult acne specifically during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. A vitamin deficiency or even a person’s diet can cause acne, too. Bacteria on the face is another cause of acne. It is even possible that genetic factors can come into play and cause acne. Perhaps another common cause of adult acne is simply stress. Many adults have so much stress on their bodies that their skin begins to break out in reaction to the stress and the stress related hormones the body begins to produce.


Adult acne sufferers want good solutions that will get rid of the acne, soothe the redness and irritations, and calm the inflammation. They want solutions that will get results, so they can be proud to show their faces again. Fortunately, there are some great solutions that help.

  • 1. One solution is to wash the face daily. The key is to wash the face only once or twice a day to keep the skin from drying out and causing more irritation to occur. The best product to use to clean the face is a mild soap to avoid anything too strong that may cause further irritation or breakouts.
  • 2. Another solution is to try an over-the-counter acne medication. These products are designed to help existing acne heal as well as prevent new bumps from forming.
  • 3. One great tip to help the acne go away is to never touch the affected areas. Leaving them alone can actually help them heal faster and will not cause unsightly scarring that picking at the acne tends to cause.
  • 4. Drinking plenty of water can help, too. Keeping the body hydrated means that the body doesn’t have to steal water from the skin. The skin needs to be hydrated to look good and stay healthy.
  • 5. Another solution may be for acne sufferers to keep a food journal for a few weeks to see if they can pinpoint certain foods that may be causing acne flare-ups. Once these foods are identified, they can be avoided.
  • 6. A final solution is for adult acne sufferers to see a dermatologist who can help. Dermatologists can proscribe prescription medication when nothing else seems to work.

Adult acne sufferers shouldn’t have to suffer through acne and should seek solutions.

This article was contributed by Mountain View Dermatology. A boulder dermatologist specializing in Varicose Veins Treatment and vein removal.


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