Alternative Wedding Entertainment

Today more than ever, events that were once formal and traditional are trending toward the quirky side of things, and weddings are no exception. As this spirit of fun has spread, more and more options have become available for brides and grooms to liven up their big day. Even couples who want a formal, white-gown affair are branching out into new choices for interactive entertainment at parties and receptions. A contemporary wedding can include everything from unusual refreshments to exciting games and activities, and the only limit is the creativity of the couple or their wedding planner.

custom first dance

custom first dance

Custom First Dances

One wedding tradition that is now up for grabs is the first dance. In this era of portable music and custom playlists, a waltz is no longer a requirement. Couples can work with their wedding DJ to provide a remix of favourite tunes or a new take on their personal song. Many have gone a step further and arranged a unique, crowd-pleasing song with a choreographed bride-and-groom dance to start things off on the right foot. For example, one couple recently went the disco route, and wowed their guests with moves straight out of Saturday Night Fever. Whatever the choice, a custom first dance can set the mood for an unconventional reception and get everyone involved in something fun and unexpected.

Giant Party Games

To keep things moving and engage the whole wedding group, consider an old favourite: party games. Classic games aren’t just for kids anymore, and nowadays wedding planners can literally “expand” on this idea, since many famous party games are now available in giant sizes. For indoor events, couples can pick large-scale games of Twister. Outdoor receptions can feature giant Connect Four or super-sized versions of Jenga blocks. Games like these are sure to be a hit, particularly since the larger scales means everyone can get involved.


Another entertainment option that kids and adults will both enjoy comes from the realm of children’s birthday parties: outdoor inflatable toys like bouncy castles, sumo suits or giant slides. Like the old “moon bounce” favourite, giant slides are fun for kids and can give restless young relatives something to do at the reception. On the other hand, it’s possible to rent an entire inflatable church for unconventional couples who want a novelty ceremony from start to finish. For receptions and parties, it’s hard to match the hilarious spectacle of a wrestling match between guests in inflatable sumo suits. Most cities have local rental companies who will handle all delivery and set-up, and some items such can be rented online, received by mail and then sent back after the event.

Chocolate Fountains

Weddings are a time for the families and friends of the bride and groom to enjoy a meal together, and what better way to help break the ice than by incorporating the refreshments into the wedding decor? Enter the chocolate fountain. Chocolate fondue fountains are easy to arrange with your caterer or event planner and are available in every size, from table top models resembling normal fondue sets to over-sized, multi-tiered waterfalls. A fountain will take care of one item on your dessert menu, as well as providing a visually appealing centre for the party or reception. As a centrepiece, a chocolate fountain can provide a bit of glamorous decor as well a place for guests to mingle.

Any of these options should be easy to obtain through wedding DJ and entertainment companies. Even a single unconventional touch can liven up the entire day, and, with a little imagination, couples can create a compelling, engaging wedding that everyone will remember.

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