Answering Common Questions About The HCG Injection Diet

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Sure it may sound simple but, that doesn’t mean prospective dieters don’t have lots of questions to ask before they begin their weight loss journey on the HCG injection diet road. The HCG injection diet consists of two important requirements that work together to provide positive weight loss results.

Low calorie diet along with HCG injections are the two elements that make up this popular diet. Simple but, who doesn’t have questions when a diet involves injections and low calorie intake. Let’s get started looking at some of the most common questions.

Can HCG be Taken by Men?

Yes, men can take HCG. HCG is a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body.

Female levels of HCG spike during pregnancy but, the hormone is still present in non-pregnant females and males.

Men seem to be at an advantage when using HCG injections for weight loss. Compared to women men have much greater weight loss results and lose weight at a much faster pace while on the HCG injection diet.

Although, it is safe for men to take HCG injections it should be noted that young boys can enter puberty at a more rapid rate than normal while receiving HCG injections.

It is very important to talk to your child’s doctor if you should notice early puberty occurring.

Does Such a Low Calorie Intake Put my Metabolism at a Stand Still?

Normally, a low calorie diet will slow or stall metabolism. Low calories will equal a body that does not have to work as hard.

While on the HCG injection diet low calorie intake is required for success. What one needs to remember is the factor the HCG injections play in this diet. HCG works to mobilize stored fat. At 500 calories the HCG works to get the hypothalamus to release stored fat. The body is actually operating on 1,000 calories per day if you W include the released stored fat.

Why isn’t Cutting Calories Cutting it Anymore?

Yes, lowering one’s calorie intake and exercising can help you lose weight. Unfortunately, this old-fashioned method of weight loss can cause weight gain in the future. Losing weight without HCG will make it a lot easier to gain the weight back when one stops dieting. Dieters that don’t lose their weight using HCG injections are actually losing muscle before they lose fat.

Will I Be Starving if I Eat Only 500 Calories?

There are some dieters that do experience feelings of hunger during the initial start of the diet. Dieters do report that these feelings soon subside. The second week into the diet participants report feeling comfortable with the calorie restrictions.

Green tea is a great natural appetite suppressant and energy provider. Many dieters keep a supply of green tea handy to satisfy their hunger pangs and to boost their energy.

Will HCG Affect my Medications?

There is no problem receiving HCG injections while taking medication. Even birth control will still work while taking HCG. It is always recommended to discuss any new diets one may be starting with their doctor.

Are HCG Injections Allowed While I am Pregnant?

No, HCG should not be taken while pregnant. It is very important that if you do become pregnant while receiving HCG injections that you contact your doctor immediately.

What is my Expected Weight Loss?

Each person’s weight loss while on the HCG Injections diet will vary. Dieters can expect to lose seven to ten pounds the first week on the program. At completion of the 40 day program, the average weight loss results are 25-35 pounds.

When my Appetite Decreases, Can I lose More Weight by Skipping Meals?

While on the HCG injection diet program it is critical for success to follow all the guidelines. The 500 calorie diet plan is important, it is necessary to enable your body to burn fat and not muscle.

Will I be Able to Go to the Gym and Exercise While on the HCG Injection Diet?

You will be eating a very low calorie diet so take this into consideration when exercising. You need to keep the small amount of calories you have to not feel hungry. Exercise will burn calories and could put you into a situation of severe hunger. This is the last thing you want to happen while on this diet program.

If it is not negotiable for you and you must do something, take a slow-paced walk for just 20 minutes.

The HCG diet when followed properly can provide great benefits to those in need of losing weight.

As always when starting any diet or exercise program be sure to discuss your plans with your doctor first. Although, this is a simple plan it is also one that you should enter into with doctor’s approval.

Guest author Pam Smithland is a health and fitness writer. Right now, she is a big fan of HCG diet injections and losing weight with the legendary hormone injections. If you want to learn more about her thoughts, check out her recent blog post about HCG diet injections.

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