Basic Tips for Effective Skin Care

4 Reasons for Effective Skin Care

1. The skin is our protection
It is our outer protection, which protects our bodies from any sort of impact and pressures outside. It also helps in controlling the outside temperature from directly affecting our bodies. Extreme temperatures such as intense cold or intense heat can be protected by our skin. That is why every portion in our bodies is protected by skin. Skin also protects us from the direct effects of dusts, insects, moisture, and other elements.

skin care

skin care

2. The skin is our covering
The skin is the one that people can see when they look at our faces. That is why it is very important to take care of our skin. This is the one that defines who we are and it also gives us color. The color of our skin varies due to melanin production which is responsible for the pigmentation of the skin. Maintaining the moisture on our skin can also helps in improving its covering.

3. The skin provides beauty
If you are going to look at our market industry today, we can find more and more products about skin care because more and more women are using these products to be applied to their skin and look beautiful. With these products, they can accentuate their beauties through they skins. More women are applying whitening creams so that they can look whiter and fairer. Some are using other creams to make the face look smoother and brighter.

4. The skin provides senses
The skin is one of our sensory parts of the body. It helps us feel lots of things. Senses can act as a warning device that can help you avoid heat, cold, an insect bites and other stuffs. It provides as a warning system in order for our body’s to feel something unusual and you can be able to avoid it before it does more damage.

8 Basic Skin Care Tips You Won’t Forget

The skin holds the overall health of the person. The complexion always reflect how the individual feels inside even without him saying it, however, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your skin when you feel fine. There are numerous tips, techniques and tricks for each type of skin as there are thousands of products available in every shop or beauty counter. For those individuals who are not really up to these long procedures, there are the basic skin care tips which will surprisingly keep the skin in top shape even without the long rituals.

1. Never forget to apply a protective sunscreen cream whenever you are outdoors, during the summer or winter. UV exposure is more serious than it looks even if the air breezes perfectly.

2. Sunscreen should be applied no matter what skin type you have. Never expose your skin under the sun for more than 15 minutes. Use at least one shot glass full of sunscreen to cover your skin from head to toes and re-apply every two hours if possible.

3. Always make sure to keep your face free from any chemicals from make-up before going to bed.

4. If you are already accustomed to use makeup everyday, try to give your skin a break and let it breathe by spending a day without.

5. When you see your face puffy after waking up in the morning, keep astringent, cotton pads and skin freshener for those eyelids in the fridge for easier pick up. Make sure you are using a good wrinkle removing cream eg lifecell.

6. Before removing your leg hair, rub enough moisturizing lotion on your legs and thighs. This will moisten your skin before you apply your shaving cream. The result will be a smoother, softer finish. This tip is not just for women, men who have normal to dry skin can have same result with this technique.

7. Having a humidifier in the room lessens the drying effects from winter’s coldness and indoor heat.

8. Taking baths in the evening instead of the morning showers avoid exposing your skin to outdoor air.

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