The Best Places to Teach Yoga

New yoga instructors often want to create their own business, but often find themselves wondering where to start. Targeting the correct location and demographics will help with building a successful, well balanced and healthy company. The list below includes the most suitable places to start teaching yoga and how to then progress into assembling your own business.



Starting Small
This may be the most effective way to gain significant experience, before launching into any larger ventures. Contacting the local yoga center, with an attractive cover letter and resume, may lead toregular classes, but it could also create an opportunity to learn the business from all perspectives. Local gyms are a great way to promote the benefits of yoga too, especially as many are lacking in the field.

Private Classes.
Expanding your horizons should encompass advertising your services locally. Many people prefer the privacy of their homes to a public setting with several participants. Well-designed fliers left at the local grocery store, library or beauty shop will capture the interest of a wealth of different people. Word of mouth referrals are also great though, so make a business card to hand out to friends and family and ask if you can leave them around so that you can get some buzz about you.

Recreation Department.
If you live in a mild climate with favorable conditions year round, consider contacting the authorities at the town hall, because parks and beaches are the perfect setting for yoga classes. Securing an agreement and obtaining the necessary permits may be complicated, but this is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure within the community, because not only will you be able to market a unique and exciting slant on yoga, many others will likely see you in passing.

Community Health Centers.
Once you have become a more seasoned trainer, you should proceed into targeting larger corporations to capture the interest of a more influential audience. These facilities are typically on a strict government-imposed budget, but they are always looking into expanding their services. Classes can be offered to healthcare workers as well as the patients, so don’t forget that you can market two kinds of classes.

Wellness Centers
Facilities such as hospitals, which employ thousands of people working in a high stress environment, will be most likely to offer their health care workers different ways to relieve stress. Yoga classes have been proven to be one of the most favored venues of exercise within the medical community, so take advantage of this great niche!

Colleges and Universities
Generation Y has become well aware of the benefits of yoga, and regardless of where you are, you will be able to find students who want to work around your schedule, whatever it may be. There will always be morning students and night owls. However, keep in mind that usually college associations will have set membership fees for students, and you likely can’t negotiate a rate. Furthermore, the bureaucracy can often be headache-inducing.

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