Botox A Thing Of The Past With SkinPro

Skin care products are important commodities for a lot of different people. The skin is obviously the largest and most visible organ on the human body, and it’s important to keep it looking nice. Many companies, like Miami-based SkinPro, have been looking into the logistics of skin care and how people try to reverse the aging process. SkinPro has taken a decidedly scientific approach to the subject. That’s not to say that cosmetics are naturally unscientific, but SkinPro puts the science and health aspect before the cosmetic and beauty aspect. One of the major ingredients in many of their products is a substance known colloquially as the “Botox killer.”

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Argireline is a unique new material that is said to reverse the signs of aging (especially wrinkles) better than even Botox. The major benefit of Argireline is that it is actually something that does not require injections. Wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and other unsightly aging processes are supposed to be whisked away with the power of Argireline. Scientifically, the substance is referred to as acetyl hexapeptide-3. Most of SkinPro’s products use a combination of peptides, neurotransmitters, and even plant particles, but it’s Argireline that really gets all the press.

In fact, Argireline has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show as an adequate (and needle-free) replacement for Botox. For many people, this is certainly a beneficial sign. SkinPro’s line of products (particularly DelfogoRx and Elite Serum) contains Argireline in different quantities. The ease with which these serums and creams can be applied is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the time or money to get Botox injections on a regular basis. In most cases, these creams work as a twice-daily facial mask and cleanser like virtually any other lotion on the market. Of course, these particular creams are meant to target signs of aging on a person’s face.

Ingredient That Found in Lotions and Creams

Again, Argireline is not the only ingredient you’ll find in these lotions and creams, but it is certainly the most popular. Peptide chains like “Eyeliss” and even stem cells can be found in the DelfogoRx line. But, Argireline’s special ability to inhibit nerve receptors and interfere with muscle contractions makes it considerably more valuable. This is why SkinPro is becoming one of the largest cosmeticeutical companies in the world. It’s also one of the fastest growing skin care research centers. The Miami-based company has made major headway in the health and beauty markets, largely because of the popularity of its Elite Serum and the special Argireline ingredient.

Discovering these innovations in the cosmeticeutical world is really just scratching the surface for SkinPro. They are devoted to the world of health, beauty, anti-aging, and skin care, and that means that they are hard at work on other projects and products. For now, the company appears to be content marketing their DelfogoRx line and the popular Elite Serum. Of course, a major reason for the success of these products and lines is the use of Argireline. It will be interesting to see what other new innovations SkinPro comes up with for maintaining skin health in the future.

About the author – Renee Williams is a graduate of Michigan State University and writes on the topics of cosmetics, specifically skincare and beauty products.

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