Bride Wears 9 Dress On Her Wedding Day

Every bride will choose the most beautiful wedding dress for her to look great on her wedding day. Sometimes, 1 wedding dress seems not enough for a bride on the big day, some brides have 2 to 3 wedding gowns which is consider normal, but not for 18 wedding gown.

Recently, there is a bride from Surrey, one wedding dress really wasn’t enough as the 25-year-old really like every dress she shopped and ended up with 18 gowns by the time the big day arrived.

Helene Manca estimates she spent £20,000 on her selection of wedding gowns, the average amount most couples in the UK spend on the whole of their big day. However shopaholic Helene had to admit, she had gone slightly over the top when she saw her wardrobe bursting to the seams with lace and ivory taffeta. She just can’t choose and let go as every piece of the dress is so lovely to her.

When the big day arrived, model Helene managed to choose just 9 out of the 18 dresses to wear throughout the big day. The blushing bride decided to change her dress at various intervals throughout the wedding day, wearing 3 gowns upon arrival of the venue and the parties. The rest of dresses were wore during the wedding ceremony, speech, cake ceremony, the first dance and the last dance.

The Most Expensive Wedding Dress from Vera Wang for £5,500

The wedding dresses ranged in style and price with the most expensive Vera Wang designer gown costing an eye-watering £5,500, and the cheapest dress coming in at £220 from the sale at popular high street store, Monsoon. Helene’s parents paid for the most expensive gown as a gift for her daughter and she paid for eight dresses she wore on the big day herself. Her parents also paid for her wedding at French castle grand wedding.

Nine of the dresses that Helene was unable to wear on her wedding with, Joe Glass, 1 was returned to the shop, 3 were donated to charity, and 5 were sold on eBay.

Though this is a funny news to most of the people, but 9 dress might seems to be a dream to some bride-to-be. In fact, different height or weight of a bride will determine the kind of dress that suit her the most, therefore, choosing the best and most suitable is better than having all the dress.

Instead of spending a fortune on the wedding dress, one should consider and make decision before purchasing to avoid the credit card pile up too high after the wedding.

9 Wedding Dress Of Helene Manca

Helene Manca 9 wedding dress

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