Buying A Toddler Stroller

I recently purchased what I would call a toddler stroller, small enough for an infant but big enough for a toddler. What I found interesting was that the process was very similar to shopping for and buying a car.

There are actually many similarities between choosing a car and a stroller. Like automobiles, strollers can be basic and simple, or quite stylish and luxurious. Either way, you want to have a durable and functional stroller with all the features that fit you and your child’s needs. Look at the available accessories, read the specifications, and consider all the details about what you want out of the stroller. Pay attention to all the features when buying your baby or toddler stroller. It is the little things that you may not notice at first that make such a big difference later.

I had looked at a lot of toddler strollers, but my decision was influenced by a little research and the fact that a close friend had a stroller that I liked very much. My friends stroller was a toddler stroller made by a well-known company, and it was one of their better models. My wife and I actually had other products from the same company, and were quite happy with them, so it was an easy choice for us.

Why We Bought The Peg Perego Toddler Stroller?

Although the company had quite a few different models and styles to choose from, we liked our friends Pliko model and stuck with that one. However, we did upgrade just a bit.

The company, Peg-Perego, offers a combination package called the Pliko Switch Travel System which had all the features we wanted and more.

Make Sure Your Toddler Stroller Has The Proper Features

We love our Peg-Perego Travel System. It consists of a car seat, a stroller, and a switch chassis that can be used with the car seat or the stroller seat, and they threw in a free matching diaper bag. The stroller seat is reversible, so your baby can face forward or be rear facing.

The stroller chassis is lightweight yet very durable and well constructed. It folds down easily, with or without the seat attached. It has a large basket for storage and a detachable cup holder. One of my favorite features, that I did not notice initially but really appreciate now, is the telescopic push handles. It is a great feature for a tall husband and a not so tall wife. One more thing, this baby buggy has very smooth wheels. This little toddler stroller just glides like it was on air.

We all have different reasons and different requirements when buying anything for our children. Not all parents look for the same things, but if you are looking for a stylish, yet well-built baby or toddler stroller, take a look at the Peg-Perego line.

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