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wedding i do

How To Say I Do

To Have And To Hold It seems as you get older, the more weddings you are asked to attend, usually because they are friends of...

Needle Size Does Matter When It Comes to Injections

It's every child's nightmare. Flu shots and immunizations are necessary evils, but children still have nightmares of needles, ranging from the small sharp needles...
your special wedding

5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Hiring Help For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a very overwhelming task and hiring help is something that crosses many couple's minds. With the assistance of some freelancers...
Varicose veins

Thread Veins: How To Treat Them and The Hidden Dangers

What Are They? Thread veins or “spider veins” are collapsing blood vessels, which is an early stage of varicose veins. They are faint red lines...
church wedding

How To Organize A Church Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting experience that almost every girl wishes to have. However, it can be quite stressful as well considering that...
custom first dance

Alternative Wedding Entertainment

Today more than ever, events that were once formal and traditional are trending toward the quirky side of things, and weddings are no exception....
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

Places to Pop the Question in Style

Planning on getting hitched? So you have the ring, you've learnt your lines and you have your knee buffed and ready, but are you...
india prescription

Why Are Prescription Drugs So Much Cheaper In India?

According to the Pew Charitable Trust's Prescription Project, three out of four consumers believe that prescription drugs they buy in the United States are...

The Best Way To Hold Toddlers Entertained

Retaining toddlers entertained should not be an idea relating to their exciting time but really should be qualitative and something they are able to find out from. There are lots of toys and matches you'll be able to come across which can be knowledgeable and fun at the same time for the toddlers.
save money

10 Ways To Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding in general can be difficult, particularly if you are paying for the entire thing with no outside help. Planning a wedding...

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Wedding Car Decoration Idea

There are varied styles to decorate your car in terms of occidental as well as oriental decorations. The oriental car decorations are made using...
perfect wedding dress

Find the Perfect Dress for Your Bridal Party

Every bride wants her bridesmaids to look stunning on her special day. If you are the bride, you have the privilege to select the...
safe home

Five To-Do Things To Create a Safe Home Space For Kids

The home is often one of the most common places that children spend time for a location that is comfortable and inviting. Although children...