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Lamaze Toys that can be Great Toys for Your Children

Watch baby play and grow with this new toy. Chime and ratchet sounds aid with auditory development although peek-a-boo aides move up and down to help with hand eye coordination. This pyramid promises to stand the test of time.

Lamaze Panda Toys

This new Lamaze Play and Grow Panda will warm parents' hearts with its expressive face and soft features. The panda comes complete with multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained.

Buying Lamaze Toys Online

This fun baby toy has bright colors and multiple textures to stimulate baby. Lights and sounds are activated when baby bats at the flower.

Various Lamaze Fun Toys

This cute turtle makes all sorts of noises, exercising your little one's motor abilities as she discovers the wonders of music.

Lamaze My First Fishbowl

My daughter loves to play with this Lamaze Fishbowl toy. She been play with the toy when she was 5 months old and now she is 14 months old.

Lamaze Mortimer the Moose Toys

This new Lamaze Play and Grow Moose comes complete with multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained, plus teether antlers.

This Is Not An Ordinary Bug! Buzz it!

This cute lamaze play and grow bug has 6 legs that carry different features to keep your baby attracted. The rattles, squeakers and crinkling objects attached to the legs can keep your baby busy for hours by encouraging exploration.

Lamaze Cube – Simple Yet Incredibly!

Lamaze Cube has so much for baby to explore and manipulate. This lamaze toys is suitable for a newborn baby onward.

The Cuttest Bear in the world!

Lamaze Patty the Panda is baby toys suitable from birth onward. Baby tends to see black and white when newly born, therefore this baby lamaze toys fit in with the contrast color of white and black, as this particular bear color is white and black in real!

Even Your Pet Dog Wants To Play With Moose!

Lamaze Mortimer the Moose, same like other baby lamaze toys, is cute, adorable, has friend big eyes and with a lot of interactive features.

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