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10 DIY Solutions To Wedding ‘Essentials’

Planning a wedding is difficult enough on any budget, but when times are tough and you’re trying to keep costs down to a minimum,...
romantic dinner

Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

When was the last time that you and your partner had a romantic dinner at home?  You don’t necessarily have to have a special...
wedding limousine

How to Get the Celebrity Style Wedding

Your wedding should be as grand and glamorous as you want, and who does it bigger than the celebrities? They tend to have the...
wedding favor etiquette

Wedding Favor Etiquette: Say What You Mean, Without Being Mean

Wedding favors are little souvenirs and the perfect way for the bride and groom to express their gratitude to guests for participating in their...
wedding entertainment

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Entertainment Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

The dress is chosen, the invitations have been sent out and the venue has been booked, all that is left to do is choose...
sex and the city

Five Iconic Wedding Moments from TV and Film

After Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s long anticipated marriage last April, wedding bells are still ringing in our ears. Their prince-meets-girl story is nothing...
wedding attire

Geek Chic Wedding Ideas

It's official: being a geek is totally hip now. Couples are embracing their love of the quirky, the geeky, the downright nerdy, and throwing...
groomsmen wedding

Duties for the Groom Prior to the Wedding

The groom’s role in a wedding traditionally pales to the traditional association of the 'bridezilla' choosing venues, organising guest lists, catering and all the...
wedding in style

5 Ways to Exit Your Wedding in Style

How a bride will choose to make her grand entrance at her wedding is always highly anticipated by the guests who attend.  Whether it’s...
wedding bridemaids

Ask your Fiancé’s Sister to be your Bridesmaid

As a bride, it is not uncommon to wonder whether or not you absolutely have to have your fiancé’s sisters, as bridesmaids at your...

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Wedding Car Decoration Idea

There are varied styles to decorate your car in terms of occidental as well as oriental decorations. The oriental car decorations are made using...
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Find the Perfect Dress for Your Bridal Party

Every bride wants her bridesmaids to look stunning on her special day. If you are the bride, you have the privilege to select the...
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Five To-Do Things To Create a Safe Home Space For Kids

The home is often one of the most common places that children spend time for a location that is comfortable and inviting. Although children...