Cheap Wedding Favors

It’s the little touches that matter in events as big as your wedding. That doesn’t mean those little things have to cost a fortune, though. Shopping around and comparing different options online for favors for your wedding can save you a lot of money. Here are some steps to shop online to save money on your wedding favors. Consult your fiance and come up with a color scheme for your wedding. While it’s not easy to pin down an exact color arrangement for your relationship, choose something that fits both of you.

cheap wedding favor

cheap wedding favor

Plan an array of wedding favors based on these colors. It’s a good idea to use common enough colors so you can coordinate a variety of different but matching favors.

Search Online For Cheap Wedding Favors

Take the favors, ornaments and decorations you decided on in Step 2, and search around the Internet for specialty stores or retail outlets that sell these products. Start by pulling up a search engine and typing in a phrase like “buy place settings for a wedding.”

Go to the sites that resulted from your search engine request. Look through the pages of the stores it accessed and see what kind of options they have available and what their prices are.

Get a solid idea of the best pricing options, and write that down. Type in another search request for another wedding favor, such as “buy candles for a wedding.” Repeat the same process as you did in Step 4, writing down the best prices you found.

Compare and Get Cheap Wedding Favors

Compare and contrast these prices and consult with your fiance and the budget the two of you set upon announcing the engagement. Buy the most affordable favors you found online. Purchase the favors well ahead of time if you are sure they are what you want. You have to factor in delivery time to the equation.

Write down any contact or customer service information the online store may give you, and be sure to save any confirmation number that comes with your order. Prepare a backup plan in case something goes wrong with your order and remember to only purchase items online from trustworthy sources.

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