Chocolate Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend- Five Reasons Why

If I had known that chocolate diamonds existed when I got engaged, I would be wearing a very different ring than the one I have on today. I wanted something special—something that reflected my personality. If only I had known then that there was a diamond that would have captured the real essence of me—well, I’d be wearing a chocolate diamond engagement ring. Obviously, I’m not talking about the kind of chocolate that melts on your hand—that would be silly (although I’d be willing to give it a try). Chocolate diamonds are beautiful and unusual stones that convey the rich, deep warmth of—well—chocolate. And seriously, how much fun would it be to say you are wearing a chocolate diamond engagement ring?

1. Your engagement ring should be a symbol of the one you love.

When you look at your ring, it should call to mind the one who has always been there for you in times of need, comforting you when you feel blue and celebrating with you when you are happy. Oh, and it should represent your love for your fiancé, too. Because really, when you need a friend, you will either turn to your fiancé or chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

2. Your engagement ring should reflect your passion.

Eating chocolate releases endorphins—those crazy combinations of amino acids that make you feel happy to be alive. Know what else releases endorphins?

3. Your engagement ring should be beautiful and elegant.

Chocolate diamonds are gorgeous. The rich, deep hue doesn’t just reflect the light; it warms it and radiates it back out into the world.

4. Your engagement ring should be unique.

Chocolate diamonds don’t have the overexposure that some other colors may have thanks to much-publicized celebrity choices. A chocolate diamond engagement ring is different without being flashy. It speaks to your individuality—and it doesn’t need to shout.

5. Your engagement ring should last forever.

Color aside, it’s still a diamond—the stone that has traditionally, and appropriately, represented the enduring strength of love throughout the ages.

Whether or not you love chocolate (are there people who don’t?), a chocolate diamond engagement ring is a beautiful option. It is contemporary but is not a slave to trends. It is elegant without taking itself too seriously. It can be a beautiful symbol of who you are, and more importantly, who you are with the one you love.

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