Choosing an Ideal Bridal Lingerie

Choosing an ideal bridal lingerie

After the wedding dress, festive underwear is another piece of clothing that you need to choose with special attention. It must be beautiful and elegant, but above all, comfortable and functional. Almost all lingerie boutiques are offering special lines of lingerie for brides.

Secrets of the seductiveness of a corset

Except the fact that it emphasize the waist and shapes the thighs, bustiers are great for lifting the breasts in an open a strapless wedding dress. If you think that bustiers and corsets are something that tightens and prevents breathing, you should know that this is a thing of the past. Today’s corsets are made of flexible materials which are stiffened with vertical rigid parts made from steel or plastic. Many women love the feeling of slight mould because they have a sense of having the perfect figures. Corsets are usually tied at the back where they can be tightened to the desired extent, while the front has separate buttoning (Busk), which is used for easy attachment and removal without releasing the corset laces. Common corsets are strapless, and today they come as the exterior part of the wedding dress.

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Bras swathed with lace

Finding the right bra is not an easy task even for everyday life, and it is an even more difficult task to find a bra that fits perfectly in a wedding dress. The bra has to make your breasts look perfect as the chest area is in the foreground of many bedding dresses. But sometimes it seems that bras must evolve to fit the various types of wedding dresses available today which makes finding the perfect bra a difficult task.

What type of bra goes with what type of wedding dress?

Wedding dresses with low cut back

Let’s start with the most complicated wedding dresses, and these are – the wedding dress with low cut backs. For this type of wedding dress you have to use a new product on the market, a self-adhesive bra. These self-adhesive bras are designed for the type of gowns with deep cleavage and low backs. A special translucent material that is soft and comfortable to the skin, and completely invisible from the outside is placed on each breast.

Wedding dresses with exposed shoulders.

Most common dresses with exposed shoulders are crinolines and A-line wedding dresses. With these dresses you need to wear a self-standing bra, but strapless bras can also be worn. The biggest mistake you can make is to wear bra with clear straps. They are very visible, and the skin beneath them does not breathe.

Mermaid wedding dress

This narrow type of wedding dress beautifully shapes your figure; however, you must be especially careful in the selection of underwear. You will not go wrong if you choose the best quality underwear that does not show on the edges to ensure that there is no visible panty line.

Wedding dresses with sleeves

With this type of wedding dress you have the greatest possible choices as far as lingerie is concerned. But don’t relax too much. It is assumed that you will not just pick a wedding dress buttoned up to the neck, and it’s tacky if the bra straps are visible. A good choice is a white body.

Silk stockings

For beauty sometimes you need to make some sacrifices, but if you get married in the winter months, you will need to wear stockings. The reason is that despite the warmer material or layered wedding dress, you certainly won’t be able to put on your boots. If you do not want to have cold feet for the first wedding dance, buy good quality nylon stockings. Synchronise the shade and sheen of the stockings with the wedding dress. It is best that you choose elastic stockings with less gloss to make your legs look more natural. Good choices are the self-standing stockings, though; their flaw is that sometimes they inexplicably slip.

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Garter for good luck

This unusual piece of clothing in the past has served for keeping the socks from sliding down the leg. It is a few inches wide and is decorated with lace and ribbons. With the appearance of elastin, suspenders became unnecessary, although it is a traditional custom that a bride wears one at her wedding. It is a fairly widespread custom for the groom to remove the garter from the bride with his eyes closed and hands behind his back, only using his mouth to take the garter from the bride’s leg and then throw the garter to unmarried male guests at the wedding, similar to when the bride throws the bouquet. Even if you do not practice this tradition at your wedding, garters can be used as a sexy detail for the wedding night. If you choose to wear suspenders, buy them in the same outlet where you purchased underwear in order to match them.

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