Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

If you are thinking of proposing to your girlfriend, you need to find the perfect engagement ring. When your girlfriend says yes, you don’t want to be kneeling there with a ring that either too small or too big for her finger. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry; finding the perfect engagement ring is fairly easy when you have a guide to follow.

gold wedding ring

gold wedding ring

Determine your Budget

If you go shopping for a ring without a budget in mind, the sale person can convince you to buy just about anything, even if it means spending a whole year’s salary. The rule of thumb, as far as buying engagement rings is concerned is to spend two months salary.

Find out the Size of her Finger

There are many ways of finding out the size of your girlfriend’s finger without asking her. For instance, you can take one of her rings from her jewelry box and measure it or ask her best friend. If all else fails, measure her finger while she’s sleeping!

Select the Metal

If you know your partner well, you will have an easy time with this step. Look at the jewelry she wears everyday. If she likes silver jewelry, then she will love platinum or white gold. On the other hand if she loves yellow gold, stick to that. Note that platinum rings are durable but expensive to repair if damaged while gold rings are less durable but abrasions and scratches are easily repaired.

Choose a stone

While the jeweler will try to convince you to pick a preset ring, it is possible to select a loose diamond. However, like choice of metal, your choice of diamond should be influenced by what your sweetheart likes. The most popular shape is the solitaire but there are other options including round, pear and marquis. Be sure to read up on the four Cs of diamond quality- Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut – in advance.

Choose your setting

Once you have the metal and the diamond, you can now choose the setting. You have to decide whether you want the popular prong setting which makes the ring appear as if it’s hanging thereby allowing light to create a beautiful sparkle on the diamond or a cluster of smaller diamonds. Other setting options include the bar, channel, flush and invisible.

Get a Certificate of Appraisal

As earlier mentioned, an engagement ring is an investment. For this reason, you should obtain a certificate of authenticity for your investment; you will need this certificate in order to insure the ring. The two most popular certifying organizations are the American Gem Society and the Gemological Institute of America.

Get a Warranty

Buying an engagement ring from a jeweler who doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty or guarantee is not such a good idea. Diamonds require repair, cleaning and maintenance every once in a while and your jeweler should be able to provide this preferably at no extra cost.

Once you are done with the all the above steps, you can now happily propose to the love of your life and hope that she loves the ring that you picked. However, even if it turns out that the ring isn’t her style, she will appreciate the effort that you put into picking out the perfect engagement ring.

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