Consider These Gift Bag Ideas for Wedding Guests

Traditionally, wedding guests are given gift bags as a way to thank them for sharing in the special day. By taking some time to plan what goes into the bags, you’ll show your guests how much they matter. In terms of the bags themselves, try options made from paper, because they’re relatively inexpensive, yet very strong.

Gift Bags and Chairs

Food Ideas

Most people really appreciate food, especially if it’s a type that they don’t get to enjoy very often. Consider filling the bags with mouthwatering sweets. Some candy stores allow you to select your own mix of delectable treats, then put them in a clear plastic bag and tie a ribbon around it. Use a color of ribbon that coordinates with the wedding to bring a personal and relevant touch.

Also, try to focus on food that is specific to the area in which the wedding is taking place. This is a thoughtful choice that your out-of-town guests will really appreciate.

If you’re feeling really adventurous and have some time to spare, bake some cookies, and put them in the bag, too. Since they’re flat, your guests can travel with them easily without worrying that they might become crumbled en route to their final destination. Pick a basic flavor such as chocolate chip to easily please people of all ages, whether you’re filling gift bags for young children or adults.

Items That Last

Arrange to have a few reusable items in your gift bags, as well. Ideas such as water bottles and coffee mugs can often be customized with a word, phrase or even a screen printed picture. These mementos help people cherish the memories of the wedding for the rest of their lives.

The same is true for T-shirts. Apparel can withstand years of use, so your guests will be able to reminisce about the joy of participating in a wedding day for long after the actual event is finished.

Gift Certificates

People also love gift certificates, because they’re convenient, and can also be used at a later time. If you’re not sure about the types of merchants that your wedding guests have around them in their hometown, take the safe route and purchase a kind of gift card that’s valid at a variety of restaurants and shops.

Alternatively, if your guests are all staying in the same hotel, think about getting them some type of gift certificate that they can use during their stay. For example, the hotel might offer spa treatments and room service, and some people would not ordinarily buy those things for themselves. If your wedding guests all use their gift certificate simultaneously, this also gives them a chance to bond over their shared experience.

Finally, regardless of the actual items that you include within the gift bags, don’t forget to personalize the outcome so that it reflects the bride and groom in some way. Paper gift bags are an ideal canvas for using markers, glitter and even fabric to make the gift bag itself just as special as the items it contains, and your guests will immediately recognize your efforts.

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