Diabetes Doesn’t Have to be Permanent!

Most people believe that if you have diabetes, you will have to live with the disease for life. Unfortunately, this statement is true for those who suffer from Type 1 diabetes. However, 95% of diabetics have type 2 diabetes, which is reversible! It is extremely important to keep your diabetes and blood sugar levels under control to avoid complications that often arise, including heart disease and blood circulation problems. By eating a healthy diet that promotes weight loss, you can keep your blood sugar levels at normal ranges and eliminate your dependence on insulin.

diabetes test

diabetes test

People with Diabetes need Special Foods

A myth that my team saw several times during the creation of our diabetes guide was that people with diabetes need to eat special foods. Several people asked what special “diabetic foods” helped to keep diabetes under control. To help put this myth to rest, people with diabetes need to eat a healthy, balanced diet. This diet should include plenty of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. This diet should also be low in fat, sugar, and salt. Does this sound like a diet that is centered on special diabetic food? In fact, anyone who wants to lose weight should follow a diet like this. Those with type 2 diabetes should follow this plan very closely to promote weight loss. This diet will also help diabetics get their blood sugar levels under control and decrease the need for insulin.

It’s important to include a variety of power foods in your diet to aid with weight loss. Power foods are those with the highest amount of nutrients while also having the least amount of calories. A few of these power foods listed by the Cleveland Clinic include blueberries, apples, carrots, beans, salmon, and oatmeal. These are common foods that are easy to include in a diet; it’s not hard to substitute an apple for your next snack.

Cardio is Good Exercise Against Diabetes

While eating a healthy diet is essential to weight loss, it is also important to include exercise as part of your routine. Many assume that only doing cardio is the best way to promote weight loss and this is not entirely true. While I can’t even begin to explain how important it is to include cardio in your workouts, you should also try and include weight lifting as part of your exercise routine. Building muscle increases your metabolism for a longer period of time than cardio alone. Moderate weight lifting and cardio together will provide you with the greatest weight loss results.

To summarize, there are no special diabetic foods that will help reduce dependency on insulin. Eating a balanced diet that everyone should follow to lose weight is extremely important. Combined with an exercise routine that focuses on weight lifting and cardio, you will shed your excess weight and reduce or eliminate insulin dependency.

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