Diarrhea in Infant

When your baby isn’t feeling well, you as a parent want to do all that you can to make the pain and discomfort go away. Babies unfortunately can’t tells us what’s wrong or how they’re feeling, so it is up to us as parents to investigate. One of the most troubling things that your baby may experience is infant diarrhea. Not only is it unpleasant and messy to deal with, but it could be a sign of something more serious. Babies and poop is nothing new, baby poop is usually less solid than average stool and can come in a variety of colors depending on diet. But when your baby’s poop is watery and runny with no changes or alternating between solid bowel movements , you may be dealing with infant diarrhea. Being aware of the symptoms, causes, and what to look for if things become serious will ensure that a smoother process as your baby deals with this situation.

infant diarrhea

Causes of Infant Diarrhea

There are several causes for infant diarrhea including drinking too much juice, food poisoning, allergies to food or medications, bacterial or viral infection, or a parasite. If the root of the problem isn’t discovered, it could mean your baby repeatedly dealing with infant diarrhea. Daily hygiene practices can also be a contributing factor, emphasizing the important of washing your hands frequently especially before feedings and play time, and after diaper changes as well as keeping surfaces and toys clean whenever possible.


Just as adults deal with diarrhea, there are numerous effects that can result from infant diarrhea including dehydration. If your baby has a dry mouth, has no tears being produced from crying, is urinating not as often as usual, and their skin loses its elasticity, your baby is dehydrated and lacking electrolytes. Keep tabs on your baby’s hydration and be sure to give them lots of fluids, because dehydration can be fatal in younger babies and newborns. Other effects of diarrhea include irritability, lethargy, and a sunken soft spot on their head. If the infant diarrhea persists and is accompanied by fever, vomiting, and the stools are white, red, or black, call your baby’s doctor as soon as possible, as these additional symptoms may indicate that there is something more serious.

There is no doubt that infant diarrhea is an unpleasant experience both for baby and parents. Alongside giving them medical attention and providing lots of fluids, be sure to give your baby lots of hugs, cuddles, and kisses, because they need comfort more than ever as they power through this bump on the road.

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