Dressing Your Bridesmaids: You`ve Chosen Dresses, Now What About Jewels?

Choosing what dresses your bridesmaids will wear on your big day is an important task but deciding on the accessories to complement them can prove an even more important task as it depends on so many factors. Most brides will have more than one adult bridesmaid as well as perhaps a flower girl or two and acknowledging the fact that everyone is different whilst trying to retain some uniformity in the outfits and accessories can be tricky.

Colour and style

Ensure that you have chosen a colour for your bridesmaids to wear that will suit all of them. It is preferable to have adult bridesmaids in a specific colour while younger bridesmaids can wear ivory or cream with added touches in the signature colour. It can be difficult to find a colour that suits all hair colours and skin tones and if you feel that this cannot be achieved your bridesmaids could wear varying shades of the same colour or indeed colours that contrast. Once you have decided then you will need to agree with your bridesmaids on a style for the dresses and this will affect the sort of jewellery that they will wear on the day.

bride wedding dress

bride wedding dress

If your bridesmaids are wearing dresses with a high neckline then a short necklace such as a choker would be appropriate while a lower neckline will call for something longer. If you have chosen dresses with a halter neck then jewellery for the neck would be inappropriate and it would be better to complement the dress with earrings and some sort of hair accessory to add sparkle. Consider necklaces and earrings which include stones in a colour that complements the dresses. Alternatively something simple and classic such as diamonds or pearls can work equally well.


How the bridesmaids have their hair will depend on the length and style but however you decide they will have it, it can be accessorised with pretty combs and clips. Bridesmaids who are wearing dresses with a halter neck would be best with their hair up and accessorised with a comb or pins, especially as jewellery for the neck doesn’t really work with this sort of dress. For any other style of dress, any hairstyle would suit and can be accessorised as you wish. Younger bridesmaids or flower girls may be best with hair clipped up at the sides using clips that complement the colours of the other bridesmaids.

Jewellery as gifts

As the bride you may choose to present your bridesmaids with a gift to say thank you to them for taking part in your special day. It could be that you would prefer for their gift to be some jewellery for them to wear on the day. Earrings for this purpose are a good choice and if you opt for a classic style such as a simple diamond or pearl stud then your bridesmaid will be able to wear them both on and after the day.

wedding jewelry

wedding jewelry

Whatever jewellery you opt for, it is probably wise to choose it in conjunction with the bridesmaids and take on board any suggestions they may have as to what would look best and what would suit them. This will make for a happy bride, happy bridesmaids and a great wedding day.

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