Duties for the Groom Prior to the Wedding

The groom’s role in a wedding traditionally pales to the traditional association of the ‘bridezilla’ choosing venues, organising guest lists, catering and all the small details that go into the event. In contrast to being unfairly associated with attending a stag do and arriving on time to the wedding, a groom can play a key role in wedding planning, and can take a particular lead in planning and booking a honeymoon.  It’s something that more and more men are taking more seriously.

groomsmen wedding

groomsmen wedding

Support and Individual Duties

In terms of general duties, the groom is often expected to play a supporting role in terms of the bride’s planning, while handling some aspects of financial transactions. Duties might range from purchasing rings to arranging financial plans for the wedding day’s accommodation, as well as handling the organisation of a live band or singer.

The groom is also expected to have planned formal arrangements for the wedding day with their best man and groomsmen, while ensuring that all documents and information are ready for the license and registration.

Honeymoon Planning

One role that is increasingly being given to the groom is the significant task of planning the honeymoon.  With the right planning, it is possible to arrange a truly distinctive honeymoon that combines the best of both partners’ wishes without breaking the bank.

Multiple options exist for the creative traveller prepared to put the research into locations and the right deal, ranging from more adventurous trips through to classic romantic destinations.

In terms of the former, a journey to darkest South America and Africa, or to the heights of the Far East and China can suit couples who want to combine luxury travel with the opportunity to bond on mountaineering, climbing and diving courses. Ideal for releasing energy after the long build up to a wedding, these kinds of trips particularly reward thrill seekers.


By comparison, some people just want to relax after a wedding. Booking a hotel in the heart of Paris, or exploring the waterways of Venice can provide a classically romantic experience, while going further afield to Russia’s St. Petersburg or Moscow can bring together rich cultural history with luxury accommodation.  Other holidays can provide an ideal mixture of the two, from resort holidays and Pyramid tours in Egypt to diving and climbing in the Caribbean islands.

Ultimately, a groom looking for the perfect honeymoon should think about shared interests and present a range of ideas to their partner, rather than taking a risk on a surprise destination. By taking initiative and working together, planning the honeymoon as a perfect balance of fun and relaxation should provide an excellent backdrop to the first weeks of a new life as a married couple.

If you would like help planning the ultimate honeymoon, speak to The Ultimate Travel Company who can create a tailor made itinerary for your needs.  The team of local experts can help plan the perfect start to your new life together!

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