8 Things Your Must Look For When Selecting Your Dream Wedding Venue

A wedding is one in-a-lifetime event that you need to really concentrate and invest in if you expect to have an awesome memory for the rest of your life. While there are many elements when it comes to a wedding all of which need close attention and supervision, the choice of a wedding venue is one of the things that you cannot make a mistake about. The venue you choose can either make or break your big day.

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There are so many options when it comes to selecting a wedding venue. You can decide to settle for a garden setting, an enclosed space for invite-only weddings or just about any set up that you feel will brighten your day. Below are some things that you must look out for while selecting the perfect venue for the D-day.

Define Your Needs

You need to know right from the beginning what you need for a venue. Having clear goals will mean that you spend minimal time scouting for other options. For instance, if you are looking for a garden venue, you will then avoid spending lots of time looking for enclosed spaces and ball rooms. When defining your needs, you can enquire from a specialist who will help you in determining the best fit for your kind of wedding. Most of these specialists have been in the industry for long and hence they know the kind of venues that can fit your specific needs the best.

Comfort for Your Guests

A wedding is not only for you but also to all those who will be in attendance. They need to enjoy themselves and feel relaxed throughout the entire wedding ceremony. Depending on the season of the year that you choose to have your wedding, you may need some special services. Assuming you are holding your wedding during summer; you will have to ensure that the place has sunscreens that will shield the guests from the scorching sun. During winter, you may need to select a venue that will provide extra warmth to your guests.

Choose a Wedding Venue That Has a Backup Plan

The weather can be so unpredictable at times. When you think it is all merry and fun, it may start to drizzle and all of a sudden everything turns into a mess. To avoid such occurrences, you need to ensure that the venue you select has a backup plan. This may include having a spare hall to accommodate the wedding guests who may be in attendance. You can also ask them whether they have spare tents to spread out just in case the weather changes unexpectedly.


Wedding venues need to provide an excellent atmosphere where the invited speakers and generally anyone who stands to speak can be heard. Many people opt for a beach wedding but one of the factors normally left unconsidered is the disruption from the crashing waves. As earlier said, every part of a wedding is very important and the environment should be conducive enough for all the sessions.  You may need a band or a powerful sound system for audibility purposes.

Catering Services

Depending on how you want it done, you may find choosing a venue that comes complete with catering services very accommodating. Find out about their catering services and the kinds of foods that they prepare. You may need to tell them your preferences so that they factor them in. Any special guest requirements such as vegetarians should also be factored in.

The Cost Element

This is a very crucial part of the entire planning process. There are many places where you may want to have your wedding done but the charges can be punitive. Ensure you agree on the charges from the onset so that you avoid inconveniences later on in the wedding planning process. Be honest and true to yourself regarding what you can afford and what you cannot. Always shop around and look for great deals and offers.

Local Authority Permits

Depending on the venue arrangement, you may have to organize your own permit from the local authorities. Wedding being a public event needs the necessary permits so that the authorities can be aware that such an event is taking place. This will help them in planning and provision of security.

Transport Logistics

The wedding venue you settle for should factor in the aspect of transport. You have to bear in mind that not everyone attending your wedding has a private means of transport. Accessibility of the venue including the state of the road infrastructure is important to factor in.

These are just some of the many tips to factor in for a successful wedding venue selection.

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