How Does Electronic Cigarettes Work

Some smokers hate their addiction to cigarettes. They hate the social stigma, the cost, the negative health effects and more associated with smoking, yet they cannot break their habit. Other smokers have no desire to quit smoking, but they also dislike the downsides associated with smoking. The fact is that smoking traditional cigarettes does have many drawbacks associated with it. Electronic cigarettes are designed to provide smokers with their nicotine fix in a device that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette. However, many of the negative aspects of smoking are eliminated with E cigarettes.

electronic cigarettes

What an Electronic Cigarette Is

Electronic cigarettes are essentially an electronic version of a cigarette. Most are battery-operated and feature a rechargeable battery and recharging station. They allow a smoker to inhale an aerated mist of nicotine with each inhalation, which satisfies nicotine cravings. However, unlike traditional cigarettes, there is no tobacco or flame used with e cigarettes. This means that many of the unhealthy ingredients found in traditional cigarettes are not found in the electronic version. Further, because there is no flame, there also is no smoke, ash or odor with electronic cigarettes. This removes the social stigma associated with smoking.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

E cigarettes are designed to give a smoker the experience of smoking without the drawbacks. Most of these devices feature a lithium battery, a cartridge and a chamber where the vaporization process takes place. The battery operation heats up a nicotine liquid and turns it into a vapor, but this is done without fire or flame. Depending on which model of electronic cigarette is used, the smoker may breathe in the nicotine vapor by inhaling on the cartridge, or the smoker may be required to push a manual release button to access to vapor. These electronic cigarettes require the smoker to change out the nicotine cartridge and to recharge the battery as needed.

Special Features

Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, there are now numerous brands and models available to choose from. Many allow a smoker to select the amount of nicotine available in a single cartridge. Some are available with specific flavors, which may mimic the flavor of popular brands of traditional cigarettes. More unique flavors like coffee, strawberry, chocolate and more are also available. Further, many of these models feature a unique glowing mechanism that mimics the look of a real cigarette. Some have the same color as a traditional cigarette, but others are available in unique and trendy colors. These special features allow a smoker to fully customize his or her smoking experience.

With smoking traditional cigarettes is now banned in many hotels, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, workplaces and more, many smokers are considering the benefits of electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes allow the smoker to “light up” anywhere and at anytime as they do not release smoke that may bother others. Some smokers continue to smoke traditional cigarettes at home while using electronic cigarettes while at work or in public. Others have entirely given up traditional cigarettes and have transitioned to E cigarettes.

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