Even Your Pet Dog Wants To Play With Moose!

Lamaze Moose

Lamaze Mortimer the Moose

Lamaze Mortimer the Moose, same like other baby lamaze toys, is cute, adorable, has friend big eyes and with a lot of interactive features.

As you can see, lamaze moose is colorful with various patterns and textures, these are to help baby on visual development as well as tactile and touch senses, making this toy perfect for newborns onwards.

Lamaze Moose Body

Lamaze Moose Soft Body

Besides, Mortimer has a soft plush body that is soft and cuddly for baby to hold and to cuddle up when sleep.

Lamaze Moose Antler and Rings Tail

Lamaze Moose Antler and Rings Tail that is good for teething baby

Mortimer the Moose is also a considerate baby toys with textured antlers and rings on his tail that are ideal for teething babies.  Its antlers and rings are a soft, sturdy rubber that is perfect for chewing. Its tail is also perfectly for baby hands to hold.

Lamaze Moose Legs

Lamaze Moose Noisy Legs

This adorable lamaze toys also has brightly colored hooves that crunch, rattle, squeak and chime when baby grabs or shakes it’s legs or feet, increase baby auditory interest. Many Baby giggle when the moose being squeak. Most babies enjoy the fun of having lamaze moose.  Even your pet dog may be attracted by its squeaking noise and wants to play with the moose.

Lastly, Mortimer comes with a Lamaze standard link so that you can bring it to any outing with your baby by attaching to a crib, stroller, or car seat.

If you are going to wash it, remember do not put into the dryer as the fur of it will pill.

Therefore, lamase moose is a great toys your baby and you will love it.  Don’t hesitate, get one now for your baby!

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