Find the Perfect Dress for Your Bridal Party

Every bride wants her bridesmaids to look stunning on her special day. If you are the bride, you have the privilege to select the style and color of the dresses.  Whether you want your bridesmaids to wear modern dresses, vintage dresses, or sexy dresses, their input should be considered throughout the process.

perfect wedding dress

perfect wedding dress


When the hunt for your bridesmaid dresses begins, allow enough time and plan accordingly.  Allot at least a six-month time frame to start looking for the dresses. Six months allows for enough time to find, order, and alter the perfect dress. The average bridesmaid dress should be ordered at least three months prior to the wedding date. This is the perfect amount of time in case any alterations need to be made. Unexpected problems may occur during the process, so an early start can work out in your favor. After the dresses arrive, recommend to the bridesmaids to start alterations in a timely manner, the sooner the better incase anything drastic has to be done to the dress.


Every bride prefers their own style, and that can vary from modern to vintage to sexy dresses.  However, she should take into account her bridesmaids when making a selection. You should ensure that the dress isn’t overly revealing because some bridesmaids may not feel comfortable wearing certain styles due to their body types. Choose a style and color that all bridesmaids will feel comfortable wearing and look beautiful in. Two very popular styles of dresses you should consider are A-line and tea length dresses. A-line dresses are a fabulous choice when working with different body types because they look great on all body shapes and sizes. Tea length dresses are another good option because they are not too short or tight.

Once you choose the right dress, choosing the perfect color can be difficult. A wise way to choose your color would be basing it off the season you’re getting married in. For instance, having a black dress in the summer may not be as appealing as a pale yellow or tangerine dress.  Every year, different colors become popular. The colors that are in style this year are platinum gold, sand, taupe, tangerine, and paler colors like lavender.

Size and Price

You’ve found your ideal bridesmaid dress; but now what? Check to see if the dress comes in all of your bridesmaid’s sizes before you decide. This can be very difficult because certain styles are made for smaller body types, which make it tough to find larger sizes when needed. Have all the bridesmaids’ measurements done professionally so you can cross reference with the manufacturers size chart while picking a style. When a style is chosen and measurements are made, then you can begin to purchase the dresses. If you select the dress in a store or boutique, you don’t have to buy it at that particular place. Price out the dress at different locations. Each store or boutique may vary in price for the dress. Search the internet also, because if you have the style and the sizes wanting to be ordered, they may offer a cheaper price.  Internet prices can sometimes be as low as a fifty percent price cut from dress stores and boutiques.

Take some of the wedding planning stress off your shoulders by getting a jump-start on looking for bridesmaid dresses. By allowing yourself enough time, finding the perfect style for a bridesmaid dress can be inexpensive and successful.

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