Five Awful Wedding Antics

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, and should go off without a hitch after sometimes over a year of planning. You’ve checked everything off your list, from flowers, to caterer, to venue and vows. But sometimes, things happen that are out of your control.

So, to commemorate your Big Day and make you laugh in the face of misfortune, we present five wedding disasters.

wedding reception

Number One: A woman started slow dancing with the groom at an Ohio wedding in April was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct. The bride asked the woman, named Brooke Burke, to stop dancing with her groom. Burke, who was said to be intoxicated, got angry. She began to yell at the bride, and then began trying to hit her. An off-duty police officer arrest Burke, but not before she writhed around, kicking and screaming, on the floor. It makes you want to reconsider an open bar at your own ceremony.

Number Two: Drunk guests seem to be a theme in this list, as intoxicated partygoers are involved in this tale of wedding horror. Newcastle soccer player Danny Guthrie was getting married at the Allerton Castle, when several guests decided to begin throwing the lobster meal at each other. The bride, Rebecca Middleman, was later punched in the face by another guest. Yet more guests smashed down a door later that night in protest against being locked out of the castle. The whole night was punctuated with violence in a night that was more “Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” than was wanted.

Number Three: Twenty-year-old Jason Brealey, after getting intoxicated, felt the need to take off his pants at a UK wedding. Despite the fact that there were children present, Brealey stood on a table, yelling and swearing at everyone. He was arrest after lunging at a police officer while driving to the police station. He apologized in court and paid a $316 fine. However, the damage was done, and wedding guests had to restrain him before police arrived.

Number Four: Over one hundred guests were involved in a brawl that started around 11:45. One man, Karpis Termendyzan, was arrested for battery and vandalism that night, after allegedly spitting on an officer, elbowing two other officers, and kicking in the rear window of a patrol car. Another man, Spartak Karabedian, was detained for public drunkenness, but was released Sunday. Karebedian, who was seen allegedly wielding a knife, was reported to have started the fight. Guests wielded both knives and banquet chairs that night, and many were injured. No one would talk to police about the brawl, so few details are known.

Number Five: Some people are social smokers, and some like to smoke when they drink. Whatever the case may be, one drunk wedding guest decided he needed cigarettes, and he needed them now. David Twine borrowed a friend’s car without her knowledge or permission to drive to a local service station for smokes. The 22-year-old then initiated a car chase with the cops, speeding away into a cul-de-sac. They caught him hiding in a bush. He was breathalyzed at more than three times the legal driing limit, jailed for sixteen weeks, and had his license taken away for three years.

Drinking seems to be a theme in each of these circumstances, and the open bar may be to blame, but guests should show a certain amount of respect. Luckily, these are the exception, rather than the rule, and your wedding should be significantly less animated!

Sara Stricker has written dozens of articles, and bounces from topic to topic as the day goes by.

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