Five Iconic Wedding Moments from TV and Film

After Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s long anticipated marriage last April, wedding bells are still ringing in our ears. Their prince-meets-girl story is nothing short of a fairy tale. We’ve provided more timeless classics from TV and film to keep you going until you find your own happy ever after.

Sex and the City

sex and the city

sex and the city

New York style queen, Carrie Bradshaw, didn’t let us down with her nuptial number. Designed by Vivienne Westwood, the wedding dress had a dramatic, sweetheart neckline and puff skirt in a light champagne colour. Although Mr. Big didn’t turn out to be Mr. Right, Carrie was fantastic. And even with a tropical feather attached to the side of her head, she was far from looking like a bird’s nest!

Vivienne will sell you the dress herself for a royal sum of $15,700.


Teenage hearts were throbbing in anticipation for the wedding of Bella and Edward, in the blood-sucking saga, Twilight. Bella and Edward fall in love when she moves to Forks to be with her Father.

During filming, the wedding dress, designed by Carolina Herrera, was kept top secret from fans, and out-priced Carrie, costing a cool $35,000 to create.

The usually clumsy Bella looked flawless in a simple but elegant bridal ensemble, with a lace-back design, lined with pearls. This was matched with a pair of jewel-studded Manolo Blahnik heels that could even outshine Edward’s vampiric skin. Not bad for a backwater girl from Forks.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

If your tastes run to vintage weddings, go no further than Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw, in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. These two showgirls make a lovely duo. Cutely matched in identical, lace dresses, this paired wedding is doubly sweet.

Featuring Marilyn Monroe’s famous scene, where she performs Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, this marriage was definitely something to sing about.

Funny Face

Intellectual-turned-runway-kitten, Jo, played by Audrey Hepburn, sports a beautiful sleeveless Givenchy wedding gown as part of a photo shoot. Okay, so in this particular film, there wasn’t an actual wedding per se, but with the gorgeous Sabrina neckline, tight bodice, and full skirt, this particular wedding dress sparked a trend for simple, tea-length wedding dresses and is still breath-taking, after over 50 years of cinema.


Fans of the TV show Neighbours, let out a collective sigh when everyone’s favourite couple, Scott and Charlene, finally tied the knot in 1987. The moment was made even sweeter by the fact that the actors playing the pair, Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue, were dating in real life too. Unmistakably 80’s in style, Charlene wore a wedding dress with huge puffy sleeves and a lot of lace and embellishment. Over twenty years on, Jason and Kylie have moved on to pastures new and are no longer a couple, but Scott and Charlene’s love has stayed strong and the two are frequently referred to on the show, still together and living in Brisbane. Aww!

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