Five To-Do Things To Create a Safe Home Space For Kids

The home is often one of the most common places that children spend time for a location that is comfortable and inviting. Although children can have fun playing and learning in the environment, it’s equally important to make it a safe place to thrive. There are several things to do to ensure that the health of each child is protected by preventing any hazards on the property.

safe home

safe home

1. Install Safety Gates

Install safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent toddlers or young children from falling. When children begin to crawl, the stairs are often a visited area for the toddler and can become a hazard if not blocked off. Many safety gates include a small door to allow adults access to the stairs without putting their own safety at risk by climbing over the product.

2. Add Window Guards

Window guards are ideal on windows on both the second and third floor of a home, as screens will not prevent a fall when the window is open. Similarly, curtains or blinds should be void of all cords.

3. Use a Pool Gate

Pools are a fun feature for homes, but it’s crucial to use a gate around the perimeter, which will prevent access to the water. Many children often wander into the pool area when unsupervised, making drowning the lead cause of death for children ages one to four. The gate can easily be removed when hosting events or pool parties in Houston, but can stay up throughout the year when the pool is not in use.

4. Install Safety Latches

Child safety locks work to prevent children from having access to drawers and cupboards throughout the home to prevent access to dangerous objects, weapons, and toxic chemicals.

5. Use Outlet Covers

With children comes a natural desire for adventure with a curiosity of all things in the home. This often includes playing with objects that can be inserted into electrical outlets. Use secure outlet covers to protect the child and ensure that they do not experience electrical shock.

Whether you are using window guards or taking advantage of a pool gate, there are several safety measures to take advantage of to ensure that children are protected from certain features on the property. It will not only prevent accidents, but will offer peace of mind for parents with children of all ages.

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