Five Things that Make a City Family-Friendly

If you are considering moving to a city, big or small, ensuring that it is family-friendly may be extremely important to you. Those who have children may be looking for somewhere that they can call a safe, fun and family-friendly place to raise their kids.

But what exactly makes a city “family-friendly”?

To some, it may mean that there are lots of other young families in the area and to others; it may mean that there are amenities, attractions and things to do in the area for families of all ages.

Experts such as Partners Trust real estate can help you to find the perfect place to live in a family oriented neighborhood. Be sure to look for these top five features that are sure to make a city a family-friendly place to live.

City Family Friendly

City Family Friendly


Parks and Recreation

When searching for the perfect city to live in with your family, one of the first things that you should do is to take a drive around the neighborhood. You may be able to tell that a city is family oriented if it has several public parks and recreational spots where children can run free and play.

Ensure that these parks are safe, clean and in a good neighborhood. Opt for a home nearby a local park to give your children something fun to do on an everyday basis.

Nearby Attractions

A family-friendly city may also have attractions nearby that the whole family can enjoy. This may include movie theaters, indoor play centers, ice skating rinks, roller skating rinks, bowling alleys and more. Your family is sure to enjoy living somewhere where there are plenty of things to do.

School Systems

School systems can also play a large part in determining whether a city is family friendly or not. A city with a good school system is more likely to see new and young families moving to the area for their children to receive a good education.


Young families who are struggling with finances in this tough economy are probably looking for somewhere affordable to live. Affordability is one of the top things that make a city family-friendly. For example, cities with lower housing prices and taxes are ideal for families who are just starting out.

Families Nearby

Many families long to move to an area where there are other families nearby. If you have children, you typically do not want to move to an area where it is mostly retirees. Look at the area closely and take a walk around the neighborhood to see if there are other families with kids living there.

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