Five “What If’s” to Help You Prepare for Your Dream Wedding Outdoors

Planning a wedding entails much work and a considerable amount of time. From selecting the date and time, to choosing the location, creating the guest list, purchasing the perfect wedding dress and tuxedo, picking out food dishes and determining where each guest will sit, the list goes on and on. Organizing your dream wedding takes a lot of energy, and you may feel as if you’re working a second job.

dream outdoor wedding

dream outdoor wedding

While each of the to-dos mentioned above are obvious when putting together your outdoor wedding, don’t forget to add in the “what ifs.” Although everyone anticipates walking down the aisle and experiencing their dream wedding, many forget to think of the unexpected events that can occur. To ensure your wedding is perfect at all costs, here are five “what ifs” to keep in mind when planning your outdoor wedding.

What if the wedding venue isn’t set up?
Determining where the ceremony and reception will be held should be one of the first decisions you make. Since the wedding will be held outdoors, you will need to find a venue that holds outdoor ceremonies. Once you select a venue, provide them with the date and time in advance. Although they know that you’re having an outdoor wedding, you should call the venue at least a week before the wedding to ensure that the furniture and decorations are prepared and that the grass and outdoor area is cared for.

What if the weather is bad?
Although you probably selected a good date to have your wedding, the weather can play tricks on us. You should take into consideration what you would do is poor weather proceeded on your wedding day. Tents are available to rent, but if heavy rain falls, then you will need to move the wedding indoors.

What if unresponsive guests show up?
While you may have already provided a number as to how many guests will be attending, you should ensure the venue has extra plastic stacking chairs available as well as tables. Guests may unexpectedly show up at the wedding, in which you don’t want them to stand during the ceremony.

What if no one can hear us?
While you and your significant are proceeding with the ceremony and exchanging vows, it’s important that your guests can hear you. After all, they came to witness you officially tie the knot. In this instance, you and your significant other as well as those who speak in the wedding should clip a tiny microphone so that guests can hear everything.

What if the weather spoils the food?
If a caterer is stationed outside for guests, ensure that the heat isn’t beating down on the food, spoiling it. You may want to have the food placed inside an air conditioned tent or hold the reception inside and the ceremony outside.

Don’t let unexpected events ruin your wedding day. Stay prepared by keeping the “what if’s” in mind.

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