Fun Times For The Family Can Take Place In Public Parks

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Your kids need a lot of exercise, and so do you. But the trouble is, how do you make sure that they are physically active enough to stay healthy and become fit adults one day? You can go to the health club and work out on the machines, but kids have to have their own space where they can exercise, have fun and play games. It’s not always easy to find a place that’s appropriate – it needs to be safe, clean and available for your kids whenever they’re ready to burn off a little bit of excess fuel. That could be a Saturday morning, or maybe recess during their regular school day.

They Have To Release The Tension

Kids run on a different rhythm than do adults, and they must be able to release the tension of a tough day at school whenever they need to. You may feel the same way at the end of a particularly challenging day in the office, with the boss lurking over your shoulder like a vulture over a fresh carcass. Go and do some one-armed pushups if you need to — and are capable of doing so. Kids, however, sometimes have to be encouraged to go outside and work off the stress they experience in nursery school.

Just when things are looking their bleakest, have your young one tool on over to the preschool playground, where there’s fun and exercise o’ plenty in store for every boy and girl. You wouldn’t want to send little ones to a football field or baseball diamond because there’s a mighty good chance that they’d get clocked on the head with some sort of flying projectile, and then you’d end up hating yourself forever.

Let Them Go Wild

Perhaps the kids are driving you buggy, and you need to get out of the house before you do something that will land you on Page 1 of the New York Post.  Why not bring them to a place where there are playground sets and they can go wild for a little while, and you can sit on the bench at a safe distance and have a smoke? The kids will love it, and your shattered nerves might just be able to enjoy a slight bit of repair. It’s far better to take a more sane approach to your family life and leave the more extreme behaviors to your neighbors, who are probably contemplating the same heinous acts that you are.

Go to a playground with the little buggers, and let them enjoy the sunshine. Even if it’s pouring rain outside, go anyway, and let the kids pretend that they’re guerilla fighters in Vietnam, and it is monsoon season. They’ll have a blast, and so will you. Put on your Army surplus rubber poncho and enjoy some special time with the family.

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