Funny Wedding Speech – 4 Tips to Write a Funny Wedding Toast

Do you ever face such problem as your best friend asking you to be his best man or her maid of honor and you just too worry about how can you make a funny wedding speech in the public? If this is the question which is bothering you at the moment, then you should not worry too much about this as I am here to provide you with some useful wedding speech writing tips along with guides which I am going to reveal to you. After that, you will find that it’s actually rather easy for you to come out with a funny wedding speech. You need to just work on creating some creative speech with a good mental mindset.

wedding speech in public

wedding speech in public

How To Write Funny Wedding Speech?

It had not been too far back when I was in exactly the same situation as you were. I had been also requested to put in writing and give a best man wedding speech on my brother’s wedding party. I was so stressed in the beginning and had been anxious which I can’t come up with a great wedding speech when they’re due, even though in actual fact by the time the wedding was still several weeks away. Luckily as there is one good thing that I am considered a good surfer on the internet. I managed to find a couple of good writing tips and guide that been really helpful for me to prepare my funny wedding speech.

Now, since I have went through this, you may just let me share with you a few of the writing guide and tips which I have learned while I prepared my wedding speech during my brother’s wedding.

1. Before doing anything, you should doing some research by gather as much information as possible. You can go for reading the books, magazines, and surf online for the related wedding speeches and jot down all the words that you think are funny and can be use for your speech.

2. Make a draft of your wedding speech. It doesn’t matter how good you think your initial draft is, you are better to go and edit your first draft heavily in order to make it even more lively. Doing a rough draft is simply the most effective way which you could be able to write fast without having to worry about spelling and grammar in the beginning.

3. Use your imagination the moment you are writing your wedding speech. It means that you need to present rather than tell. It is really an old saying with regard to imaginative writers. Everything you could do is to comply yourself to this tip and you should make use of metaphor, simile, as well as imagery as part of your speech. This can be a good idea for you to interact with your audience’s thoughts.

4. It is important for you to keep your wedding speech simple, brief and to the point. You need to have a speech that is brief and create interest for your audiences. At the moment you are telling an anecdote or funny joke, make use of your sense of humor without writing long-winded sentences that end up ruining the punch line. A very important thing that you should practice is to write brief sentences and make shorter paragraphs. You are able to make this happen if you complete your paragraphs with just about four to five brief sentences.

5. In keeping with your wedding speech to be brief, simple and to the point, you need to prevent yourself for writing fancy words and phrases which could only be found in dictionaries. If you use words from dictionary, you are going to push away most of your attending audience. The atmosphere will being dulled and audience may get distracted and your wedding speech may not serve the purpose since the purpose of the wedding speech or wedding toast would be to attract your audience.

Once you are able to grasp the tips for writing a funny wedding speech, you will have no problem to come out with your own creative speech that is going to attract and entertain your audience.

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  1. What a great list of tips! I shall pass this on to our best man to be as he is highly nervous and floating far outside his comfort zones!!! Thanks for sharing


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