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What do you want the garage for? Perhaps you want to park the car in it or to store the lawn mower and a few garden tools. Maybe it will be used as the workshop you always wanted. A basic straight forward garage is not that expensive to build but as your requirements go up so does the cost of construction.

Built of Wood or Masonry

A basic garage could be built of wood or masonry with a roof and an access door. Basic principles will apply though such as damp proofing and weather resistance. No matter what you store in it or use it for, you want to make sure it remains dry at all times.

garage design

Depending on the use there are a number of options available for you choose from in garage design depending on your budget.

If you plan to work in the garage for example maybe you may want to insulate the floor, walls and roof so that you can continue to use it in colder weather conditions. This would be your choice and is not a statutory building code requirement if there is no form of heating provided in the garage. If heating is installed you will be required to insulate the fabric.

External Finsihes

What will be the external finishes? Do you want for example brick walls and a tiled roof to match the main house? This may be a planning requirement and will increase the cost of construction.

What utilities are required, for example, electrical power. It could be simple such as a light and a power outlet to operate light tools or maybe you will use the garage as a workshop that requires a more substantial electrical system. Will a water or gas supply be required to feed a heating system for example?

What about access to the garage? If you plan to park your car in it then a garage door will be needed. What type of door? There are a number of choices from the simple cheap up-and-over type to sectional side opening type, that operates by remote control and opens effortlessly. If natural light is required this could be via a window or maybe roof lights. Maybe a pedestrian door is required in addition to the main garage door for ease of access.

Another thing to consider …. chances are no matter what you build it will require building control approval and maybe planning permission. This is very important as it may be difficult for you to sell the property in the future without these approvals in place.

Building a garage is a bit like building a house there are a number of options available to you depending on budget and usage.

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