Geek Chic Wedding Ideas

It’s official: being a geek is totally hip now. Couples are embracing their love of the quirky, the geeky, the downright nerdy, and throwing fabulous geek chic weddings full of things they love. In fact, geek is so cool these days that I recently read of a wedding referred to as a “nerdstravaganza” – and it was a compliment. Find out what it takes to plan a fantastic geek chic wedding.

wedding attire

wedding attire

Wedding Attire: Think quirky, offbeat, unique. That might mean the bride wears a red Renaissance inspired dress, a vintage mod shift, or a funky crocheted white dress. It’s all in the attitude. Anything that reminds you of Zooey Deschanel’s character in the show “New Girl” has potential, especially if worn with glasses. Forget the matched set of Barbie bridesmaids – let your girls choose their own dresses and bridesmaid jewelry, as long as they generally suit the style of your wedding. The point of embracing geek chic is to be free to express yourself, after all, so shouldn’t your attendants get to wear the bridesmaid dresses and jewelry that fit their own personalities?

The Bouquet and Boutonierre: One thing that is great about offbeat nerdy weddings is that they tend to include more of the groom’s sensibilities in the details than the standard formal wedding does. Perhaps the kind of bride who is willing to have a less traditional wedding is also more likely to have her fiance be a partner in the planning. Where I am really going with this thought is…Lego boutonierres. Yes, your groom’s boutonierre can be made from almost anything that he loves, whether it is a Lego mini figure, Scrabble tiles spelling out l-o-v-e, or something made with felt and a tiny action figure. As long as it is artfully crafted, it’s in. For geek chic style wedding flowers, I love the idea of anything handmade. How about a DIY bouquet created from colorful crocheted flowers? Or a posy made from the pages of your favorite book? A DIY bouquet can be a great way to do something really special and unique for your wedding.

The Theme: Geek chic themes abound; the important thing is to choose a wedding theme that is significant to you. Books are a great source of inspiration, whether you are a die hard Harry Potter fan or you prefer something more esoteric. Some couples have superhero or fantasy theme celebrations, others create Tim Burton inspired weddings, while some gravitate towards more of a homespun whimsy. Your theme could be retro video games, robots, Steampunk, board games, or whatever you like. As long as you are true to yourself, any quirky theme is fair game.

The Wedding Cake: Fanciful wedding cakes are very popular for hip geeky weddings. The cake is one of the best avenues for creative expression in a wedding, so it only makes sense. I imagine this is one of the reasons that groom’s cakes are particularly popular for “nerdtastic” weddings as well. Your groom can have his Stars Wars cake or one made to look like a fantasy game board or whatever else he is into. The main wedding cake can be decorated along similar lines, or it could be a more simple confection, perhaps decorated with funky handmade cake toppers. Your unique cake is sure to be a delightful part of your one-of-a-kind geek chic wedding.

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