Green Initiatives and Businesses for Earth Future

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Green building practices and materials have always fascinated me as a contractor. At first as an independent contractor, I was just learning how to implement some of the sustainable and energy conscious methods. For many years now, it’s been a passion to build and help others see the benefits of green materials.

As I transitioned into a commercial contractor, I saw that many businesses were only concerned with being LEED certified. In the grand scheme of things, this wasn’t the most eco-friendly way to build. I wanted to learn more about how to get businesses into green initiatives. Thankfully there are a few organizations that are really changing the mind of individuals and businesses by becoming greener.

Organizations Work Together on Green Projects

Many organizations work with businesses and consumers to get both working together on green projects. Green America works with economic power to influence other businesses to change their policies while also supporting those businesses that do wonderful things for the environment and community.

One of the main goals of Green America is to end corporate irresponsibility. It’s a difficult task, as many corporations believe that they’ll lose profits by changing to more eco-friendly practices. However, that isn’t the case.

Green America tries to show them a different way while also promoting the investment and sponsorship of businesses that are responsible and green. In addition, Green America travels around the world to help build sustainable communities.

Within such a large city as New York, there are a ton of businesses and tourism spots that need a little push to be greener. Ink48 Hotel is one of those hotels that offer all organic materials and food to guests but also wants to do something a little more. With the hotel’s program “Earthcare,” they hope to bring members together to talk about the major issues going on and see how they can influence decisions about living greener in today’s world.

Eco-friendly Hotels

When people visit Las Vegas, they look for luxury and entertainment, but there are a ton of hotels in this area that are more than just eco-friendly. Some of these hotels go out of their way to be self-sustaining models of environmentally friendly practices.

The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort were named the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America” because it was one of those businesses that succeeded in all of its environmentally friendly practices. They began a waste reuse program, water-recycling program and even installed solar panels for heat and energy. As a result of the Palazzo, many new green Las Vegas hotels continue to be built.

Being a commercial contractor during this moment in time is so inspiring. I think of all the ways that I can help businesses to look for green products and take on bigger projects while also believing there is a better future out there for our planet.

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