Helpful Tips For An Awesome Backyard Wedding

Couples thinking about holding their wedding at home can opt for a backyard wedding regardless if it is a formal or casual wedding ceremony. There are various backyard wedding ideas that can be used to create a memorable and unique wedding location.

wedding backyard

wedding backyard

Though it may seem that a backyard is too casual for a wedding location, it can actually be a charming and sentimental setting for a wedding and reception.  It is also a less stressful and less expensive wedding venue, which is a comfort to many young couples. It is also better suited for couples who have parents unfit to travel or lack the finances to travel. If a new home has been purchased, having the wedding in the backyard is a great way to begin the married life and throw a housewarming party all together.

How To Choose The Right Backyard

Although backyards are awesome wedding venues, not all backyards are suitable for a wedding. There are a few factors that must be considered whenever opting to have a backyard wedding.

Weather: If you are planning on having a wedding during the rainy months, then using a backyard as a venue is definitely not appropriate.

Size: If you are having a small wedding where only a few friends and family members are invited, then you can have your wedding in a small backyard. However, if you will be inviting quite a number of guests, then the venue must comfortably accommodate the ceremony, dining and dancing.

Space: Uneven and steeply sloped yards with many obstacles such as trees are inappropriate for weddings. Backyards that are spacious, partially cemented and flat are recommended.

Pets: Pets are also a major concern for parties because they can disrupt celebrations with their barking. It will be best if pets are temporarily moved to another location for the wedding.

Facilities: The backyard is not the only concern when arranging for a wedding. Guests will want to use the restrooms as well during the ceremony and reception, so there must be at least two comfort rooms available. Having a guest room prepared for any guests who fall ill or have too much to drink is convenient.

Neighbors: Your neighbors must be informed about the wedding ahead of time. You must be certain that they do not have construction or renovations going on during the wedding.

Backyard Decoration Ideas

  • Suitable backdrop scenery for photographs
  • Garlands, ribbons and bows for trees
  • Extra flowers and blooms to match the wedding theme / colors
  • Wedding arch for the ceremony site
  • Flower petals for the aisle
  • Candle lanterns, patio lights and torches can provide a romantic wedding effect
  • Decorate an entryway and the front yard so guests can easily identify the house

How To Get Your Yard Ready

If you think that arranging chairs under a white tent will suffice for your unique wedding, you must reconsider. Preparations will take weeks or even months ahead to ensure that you have an unforgettable wedding. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your backyard for the big day.

  • Proper lawn care is essential so you must invest in both time and money to keep your lawn healthy, hedges pruned and presentable for the wedding. You can also plant flowers and other plants to match your wedding theme.
  • Patios, decks, fences and other backyard features must be repaired and cleaned. The exterior of the house must be cleaned and prepped. You can also hire a pressure washer professional to clean the outside of your house from grime, grease and dirt.
  • Do not forget to mow the lawn. You may even want to mow the aisle area shorter and have some flowers planted along it.

Valerie Price is a freelance writer specializing in event management and home improvement. She regularly contributes articles to websites such as CleanSweep.

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