Hints to Picking a First Dance Song Fit for You and Your Spouse

Almost everything is set for your big day.  You’ve got the dress, invitations and venue all covered. However, there’s that one thing keeping you and your spouse-to-be a bit anxious – the much-hyped first dance. After the toasts in your reception, the spotlight would be on you and your spouse once more. However, this time around, it’s for both of you to open up the dance floor, flaunt some fancy moves and share sweet moments together.

wedding dance

wedding dance

Of course, in order to achieve all the aforesaid things and make your first spin on the dance floor both fun and memorable, you need to find the perfect song to dance along. The hunt can be tough especially with the countless songs to go through. But, with considerations on your style and what you really want, you can find that perfect tune to set the dancing mood in motion. Here are some tips how you can do so.

Determine Your Style

To find the best first dance song, it is seemingly fit to look at your musical style and personality as well as your spouse-to-be’s. Doing this will allow you to determine a tune that reflects your relationship. For instance, if both of you are traditionalists who always swear by-the-book, then picking a  song that falls under the classic category will definitely work out well. If both of you are a passionate and sentimental pair, you probably would want to stick with a song that best defines your relationship – intense, poetic and emotional. Meanwhile, if you and your spouse are often the life of the party, a cheeky song that reflects your sense of humor is an excellent pick that will put your guests in the mood for dancing.

Consider Danceability

Keep in mind that a song with no beat can make you and your spouse to loose your cool on the dance floor and, worse embarrass yourselves in front of guests. So even if your heart might be set to a slow song, keep your options open and do not sacrifice a good beat over a tune that you favor the most.

Pay Attention to the Lyrics

Even if you and your spouse are rebellious at heart, raising eyebrows wherever you go because of the frequently black wardrobe both of you frequently wear, it’s not a reason to pick a first dance song with an anarchistic lyrics. As with others aspects of your wedding, your first dance should be memorable, so make it a point that the song’s lyrics is about a great relationship and not about breakup rage.

Learn the Ropes from the Pros

If finding the right first dance song on your own seems hopeless, then your best bet is to ask the pros. If you will be hiring a wedding band or a DJ, it won’t hurt if you ask them for some recommendations. At the most they should be able to help you land a first dance song that even after 10 or 20 years after your wedding and you and your spouse hear that song, it will remind both of you the happy memories of the first wedding dance you have shared together.

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