How to Be the Perfect Bride

As a bride, you’ve probably been planning your big day since you were a little girl (whether you admit it or not!). You want everything to be perfect.

So, what makes the perfect bride?

Well, she looks fabulous, stays calm and enjoys every second of her big day.

Want to know how to achieve this? Read on, lovelies!

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Tip 1: Don’t forget the groom!

Venues, dresses, flowers, place settings and photographers: so much to think about!

Having helped organise and attended many weddings, I would like to share a little pearl of wisdom…

Do not forget about the groom!

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In order to achieve ‘Perfect Bride’ status and go nowhere near the potential ‘Bridezilla’ accusation, there are various things you can do.

Firstly, include him in the plans and ask for his opinion. If you are blessed with a man who wants to help out, why not get him to choose the honeymoon destination?

Of course, you might need to monitor his progress. Backpacking through Cambodian swamps or gambling away your savings in Vegas might not be the best ways to inspire romance.

Suggest warm sunshine and miles of sensual sandy beaches full of quiet private corners for frolicking. Tell him about the sexy swimwear you’ll be buying before you go and urge him to consider how relaxed you’ll both be feeling when you’re thousands of miles away from home and alone in paradise.

Tip 2: Don’t Forget Your Undies!

The dress is often the most important guest at the wedding. It needs to be perfect!

Flattering shape, luxurious material and enviable design- these things are all important.

But let us not forget about what will be worn underneath this magnificent dress.

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Your wedding lingerie is a crucial aspect of the day.

If you’re determined to plaster your body with shapewear under your wedding dress, think of the consequences. Spending your wedding night holding onto the side of the bath while your newlywed pries lycra from your thighs is not ideal.

Consider a few choice undergarments that will please your groom as well as be comfortable under your dress.

Sensual but structured corsets, soft basques, silk bras and white lace garters are all fabulous choices.

Tip 3: Be Sexy and Comfortable

Get yourself professionally measured. You don’t want any armpit fat spilling over or a nipple poking out in the church. Your lingerie needs to fit perfectly.

Get everything measured while you’re looking for your dress, so that dress and lingerie will perfectly match up.

If you’re going to wear a classic strapless wedding dress, you’ll need a sexy strapless bra to boot. It should be comfortable, supportive but sexy as hell.

Tip 4: Bag a Bridal Bargain

Don’t be afraid of buying cheap underwear!

You will be surprised at some of the high quality bridal lingerie available at non-extortionate prices.

It doesn’t have to be Agent Provocateur or Victoria’s Secret. Try out some other brands, like Lise Charmel (a luxury French lingerie designer), Diki lingerie or Gilda and Pearl.

Take this opportunity to discover new brands, new styles and don’t feel like you have to spend a small fortune.

All going well, it will be strewn on the bedroom floor before you know it!

Happy wedding day J

Susannah Perez is a lingerie fanatic, currently blogging about wedding lingerie and advising brides on how to spice up their wedding nights and honeymoons. She also works with Delicates, an online retailer providing high quality cheap underwear for all occasions, including weddings.

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