How to Choose a Good Baby Play Mat

baby play matA lot of baby hate tummy time, therefore baby play mats are good for baby when on tummy time by giving baby a lot of fun, especially before baby can sit or stand up.

Besides that, baby play mats encourage baby to reach toys and sitting up. Babies also can begin to learn words and songs attached on the play mats. Therefore, baby play mats and baby play gyms always make a great baby gift to a newborn baby and baby definately can have plenty of fun with it.

Tips for Choosing a Baby Play Mat?
Nowadays, there are hundreds of different baby play mats available in the market. Many parents are confused and have no idea  which play mat is suitable for their baby. If you have such confusion, no worry, it is normal, since there are a lot of parents having the same confusion with you.

Infants generally require extra care while playing, especially while left alone. Baby play mats have been used to provide a covered area for a baby or an infant to play in moderate safety. A good baby play mat is typically portable in order to provide a safe play area for the baby when staying in other places and travelling.

Baby Play Mat Special Features
Play mats are a necessary equipment for baby’s development and a great tool for giving you a break. There are 4 things that can inspire your baby on the baby play mat.

1. Mirrors, lights, high-contrast graphic and bright colors promote visual stimulation.

2.  Suspended toys and stationary develop motor skills for baby to roll, grab, shake and spin.

3.  Noise-making fabrics and soothing melodies foster auditory stimulation.

4. Textured toys, simple shapes and supple fabrics provide tactile stimulation and encourage touch.

What to Look at a Baby Play Mat?
A baby play mat with a protective enclosure comprising:
–  a mat having an upper surface
–  a lower surface and a perimeter
– the upper surface of the mat comprising fastening means adjacent the perimeter
–  two or more bumpers circumscribing the perimeter
–  the bumpers comprising a top surface and a bottom surface
–  the top surface comprising a top fastening means and the bottom surface comprising a bottom fastening means

Something You Don’t Want To Do?
Baby play mats are quite general for children and infants use. Baby play mats without side guards are not able to well protect a child as they are not able to restrict the child from leaving the mat. Play pens and some mats in the market are normally of fixed shape and size. But this kind of mat is not suitable for a child as something is missing for the growth of a child. Play pens particularly have a rigid frame work with sidings that are almost having 3 feet tall. For these types of enclosures, parents normally will quickly realize that toddlers often refuse to be in the “caged-in” atmosphere.

Baby Play Mat Safety Tier
The baby play mat which is forming from the protective tier is removeably and securely attached to the perimeter. The play mat can contain of music, pictures, text lights and etc. The current designed play mat comes with a protective enclosure, especially comprising one or more bumpers protective enclosure that is portable and expandable.

Extra Tips
A play mat can only consider good if it can be expandable to make a bigger play area as the baby grows and can securely enclose a child. It is better for a play mat that provides some hanging toys, which are touchable by a child. This can assist in developing a child hand-eye coordination as well as making it more fun to lay on the mat. It is particularly comfort if the toys can be detached from the mat and give to your child to play with.

Babies love music, if their toys can generate some sort of sounds, it will be a plus as it can stimulate their auditory development as well. Thus, while looking at the hanging toys and blanket, try to find a play mat with built-in music or sound will be great for your baby.

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  1. Most playmats are made with tiny babies in mind, making them a good baby toy for infants.

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