How To Choose A Gynecologist

For many women, your gynecologist becomes your primary health provider. Your gynecologist leads you through a variety of potentially life changing situations such as an abnormal pap smear, finding a breast lump, planning for pregnancy, choices in contraception, and even dealing with the challenges of menopause. It is such a shame to see that many women in Sugarland, TX and beyond take more time to choose a hair stylist than they do their gynecologist. Here are several tips that will help you to choose a gynecologist that will meet your needs.

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Assess your needs

Some gynecologists are well known for working with a certain type of patient. Are you a mother who is looking to take your teenage daughter to her first gynecological exam? Do you have fibroids and/or cysts and want to know more about planning for a pregnancy? Are you a woman facing menopause who prefers the sympathetic ear of a female doctor as opposed to a male doctor? You have a right to choose the doctor you feel will best meet your needs. However you must know what your needs are so that you can communicate that to your gynecologist. To start, take out a piece of paper and write a list of everything you think you need in a gynecologist. Be sure to jot down what issues you would like your ideal gynecologist to have experience in dealing with. This list will help you in interviewing potential gynecologists in Sugarland, TX who will make you feel attended to rather than just another one of many patients.

Communicate with your gynecologist

Communication with your gynecologist or any medical professional is an important part of the doctor/patient relationship. Sadly many of them miss the mark when it comes to this important detail. Once you assess what you need from your gynecologist, you can interview a few to find out if it’s a relationship you are interested in developing. How do you feel during the conversation? Do you feel rushed to get off the phone or out of the office? Do other patients seem to be happy with their visits? Does she have ample experience working with other women with your issues? You want a gynecologist that can reasonably give you ample time to answer your questions. If anything about the interview makes you feel uncomfortable, you have a right to choose another office.

Consult with your insurance carrier

It is best to find out what your insurance covers and what it does not well before an emergency comes up. Some plans will allow you to choose your own gynecologist without a referral from a primary care provider. Other plans demand that you go through a formal referral process. In either case, you want to be prepared with ample time to make a choice that makes the most sense for you.

Choosing a gynecologist in Sugarland, TX can be made easier if you have these steps to guide you along the way. It can very well be a relationship that you will choose to keep through the many stages of your life. When you do find a great gynecologist, be sure to share your information with other women who may very well be seeking the sa

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