How to Choose Flowers for Your Wedding?

Any wedding ceremony would be incomplete without the flowers. They not only provide a fragrant ambiance but also make the wedding ceremony much more colorful and unforgettable. In some customs around the world, adding flowers to the wedding decorations is considered to be auspicious. They are utilized in many different ways in the wedding decor like garlands, corsages, bouquets etc. 

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However it must be realized that every flower has its own individual significance and therefore, one should choose the flowers for weddings accordingly.  Given below are some tips to assist you in choosing the right type of flowers for your special day.

Gathering information:
The first step to decide the right kind of flowers for the decorations is by looking through some magazines. You can also surf the internet and view all the various kinds of beautiful flowers. If possible, take a tour of any local nursery or some florist’s shop to take the real feel or see how they appear visually. Do not be hasty in making choices. Also look thoroughly into the meanings that flowers symbolize and whether they can be utilized in the decoration and go with the theme.

a) Asters: These flowers are smaller in size than daisies. They have many colors like pink, white, yellow etc. They come in handy when designing the central decorations for tables and also in bouquets.

b) Roses: Without doubt, roses have been recognized as the most influential of all flower family. They come in all various colors and sizes and have been used throughout history in weddings. Their colors signify different emotions, for instance, red depicts love, yellow means friendship and mirth, white signifies purity etc. So you should choose the color accordingly. These roses can be used in corsages, bouquets, garlands, table decors and so on.

c) Calla Lilies: These are favorite of all the wedding planners and brides. They are found in many colors as well but white is more widely used. These calla lilies symbolize purity, harmony, peace and new beginnings.
d) Gerbera Daisy: These daisies symbolize truth, innocence and loyalty and so are used occasionally by the brides in their bouquets. Most common selection of color is white while red, yellow and pink are also available.

e) Tulips: Tulips depict a lover’s heart, love passion and imagination. Available in vibrant colors like red, yellow, purple, green etc.

f) Carnations: These flowers have numerous petals so they enhance the beauty of the bridal bouquets. They do not dry up fast so provide some stable long-lasting decor.

Apart from these flowers, there are countless others that can be utilized in various creative ways to enhance the decorations and add to the ambiance. For example, snapdragons, hydrangeas, jasmines, orchids etc.

Deciding the budget:
This is the most important step of all. Before you go for flower shopping, determine your exact budget and how much can you spare for the flowers. Make a list to be more organized. Use the expensive ones scarcely and don’t be afraid to mix and match as all flowers are pretty. The fragrant ones add more to the theme.

Colour selection:
Use the colours that compliment the entire wedding theme. For the bride’s bouquet, use those colours that go with her wedding gown. Use of such complimentary colours will always stand out and create a relaxing environment for the guests. The seasonal availability of flowers also prove less costly and provide an aura to freshness. More frequently used colours for floral arrangements are red, white, lavender, pink and yellow.

Location and design:
It is important to select the flowers according to their use in the decoration and the location. They are widely used in the bouquets for the bride and the wedding guests, can be utilized in the table top arrangements, for decorating the bridal arch, marquee or a carpet of fresh petals for an outdoor wedding. All of these arrangements require the appropriate flowers and you should choose accordingly.

Deciding upon bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets:
The bride’s bouquet should always be the largest and the most prettiest of all the flowers in any wedding arrangement. One should always choose the flowers and their colours for that bouquet according to the bridal gown, the wedding theme and the height of the bride. There are different styles for the bouquets available. He bridesmaid’s bouquet is often the smaller version of the bride’s one with same colour hues.

To summarize the importance and usage of flowers throughout the wedding arrangements, suffice it to say that flowers not only add to the ambience of the ceremony but they also signify a new beginning. So you should select the particular flower accordingly. Flowers of all colours and sizes have been used in the floral wedding arrangements in the past and will continue to do so as long as couples get married.

Author Bio: This article is taken from the blog written by Tara Ridgefield who has been running her private business of flower delivery Perth for over several years. She is an expert florist and has won numerous awards.

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