How to Create Your Own Wedding Photos on a Budget

Weddings are incredibly expensive-there’s no two ways about it. It may be the happiest day of your life, but it will also be the most costly.  The flowers, the dress, the finishing touches; a wedding can prove a strain on the purse strings.  However, there are ways to save.

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Everyone wants to have their special day documented, and photography is a great way to do this. Not only will the photos capture moments you will treasure forever, but they also look great on the mantelpiece. Even the ones taken at the reception – after you’ve done a good deal of editing.

So why not save money on your wedding by being more frugal in your photography choices? Here are some top tips on how to create your own wedding photos that still look professional.

Call In Some Favours

Do you have any friends with a creative flare? Maybe you have some budding photographers in the family? If you do, put them to use for your wedding. Instead of buying you a gift, they can reward you with some stunning photos of your day free of charge.

Having a friend do your photos will save money, as well as making them much more personal to you. Your friends and family know you better than any photographer, and can tailor your photos to your personality as a couple. Get some great photos, and avoid those awkward poses the pros often put you through.

Get A Wedding Photo Booth

There’s no better way to get some fun and comical images of your guests than with a wedding photo booth. This is easy to install, and there’s no photographer needed – the guests can do it themselves, which is half the fun.

Purchase a vintage looking frame and borrow a camera (or use your own) of reasonable quality, and set it up on a tripod with a remote control for guests to use. Hang a piece of fabric as a backdrop, and let the funny faces and group “selfies” commence!

 Cut Down the Hours

Sometimes it’s nice to have a few pro-photos for the wedding album, particularly when capturing all of your guests together. In order to be frugal in your spending you needn’t cut out the photographer altogether. Just reduce the number of hours you hire them for.

By opting for a local photographer who can easily drive over to your wedding, you can book in an hour of photos. This allows you to have some professional shots to add to your collection, without having to worry about the costs of a photographer for the whole day.

 Making Your Shots Look Pro

When it comes to printing off your fabulous photos, editing and printing can make all the difference. Again, friends can come in useful here, so if you know some Photoshop savvy individuals or simply someone with a good photo printer – use them!

Get yourself some satin or glossy photo paper to achieve that professional finish, and print your edited photos with a high quality photo printer. Your photos will match those of a pro, but without the price.

Disposable Cameras For Dinner Tables

This is a great idea for both the kids and adults at your wedding. It provides a source of entertainment during the meal, and will get you some great photos of all the fun going on, some of which you may have missed.

Pop a couple of disposable cameras on each table at your reception for the guests to have a play with. You could even leave a tick-off sheet of all the things they need to take a photo of. You’ll get a whole load of photos to sift through, and every photo will be a great testament to the evening’s festivities.

By cutting down on certain expenses, you can save money for other parts of your wedding– or maybe even the honeymoon. Your wedding photos will be a lasting reminder of your special day, capturing every moment for you and your other half to enjoy.

The most special photos don’t have to be the most expensive ones. In fact, it’s the more personal shots that are the most sentimental. With the right printer and some editing prowess, you can lose the pro photographer and still have the amazing photos.

Bio: Elise is a freelance translator who loves to blog. In her spare time you can find her writing about anything and everything to do with weddings. She recommends Printer Basics.

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